Steem community ramblings with flu.

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I visited my dad up north this weekend and had a great time but when I got back home I got heavy flu but it's finally subsiding now.

First things first, I think in my excitement I jumped the Community gun a little.

I thought communities for had opened up for everyone on the Beta site and shared that news.

But then it closed again for reasons I still don't know.

It's not Steemit Inc. fault btw, they never announced anything about an open Beta.

It was just a conclusion I and others drew after they removed the password. My apologies.

It's not the first time my excitement for anything new #steem bites me in the ass.

I remember the same enthusiasm when I discovered that curation was more profitable after HF21 (only for a few weeks, it was like +19%).

Sharing that news and the focus on ROI cost me some witness votes.

My Steem enthusiasm is a flaw and nowadays I do try to dampen it a little bit (for my own and others sake) but it's not easy :)


I read some concerns from users that they fear that communities-names are being claimed.

That's not the case.

A community is just an ID-number and you can call it whatever you want (you can even change the name after you made a community).

So there is room for more than 1 BBQ & Drinks community and it's up to the owners of the community to get the users.

Despite the fact that the Beta is closed again (for now), I can't wait for this feature to go live, the way Steemians jumped on the Community wagon for the time it was OPEN was pretty amazing.

I think communities will most likely take over individual blogging.

I see them as sort of mining pools for STEEM.

Screenshot 2019-12-09 at 13.52.16.png

It just makes sense, there is more strength in numbers and I think in general people like to be 'part of something'.

Some of these communities might even charge some STEEM to join.

I'm thinking a lot about my own Steem future lately too.

It's been a great ride so far that I will continue 100% but pushing a one-man blog forward completely alone for the next 5 years for STEEM just seems very unlikely.

Not just for me, I think for most people. You will need to join a community.

I always said that somewhere in the future when you tell people you earned whole STEEM tokens by yourself blogging about your cat they will not believe you.

Especially in a Steem future where a community of a couple of thousand members is earing (for example) 100-200 STEEM a day to distribute to everyone.

I fully understand why people are still going after STEEM with all their might right now. It will get tougher and tougher in the future.

Currently, I have nearly 300k Steempower and about 3200 account tokens ready to go.

Building a community with that on Steem or help others build communities just seems like a logical next step on my Steem journey.

I got the BBQ & DRINKS community ready to go.

I'm just waiting now for all the tools to get ready by Steemit Inc.

It shouldn't be too long.

I am extremely excited for 2020. Everything Steem and are going to change.

And in the meantime. I just have fun, as always, while we wait.

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totally down to join your BBQ community when i'm able too! :)

sorry about the flu thing

I hadn't even noticed that communities were open beside the post you had written the other day. I went over to the site a I was shocked at the number of groups that have already been created. Maybe they didn't realize people were going to go so crazy with it and they had to scale things back a bit for now.

that's possible.

Yeah, the enthusiasm was certainly there from the Steem community!

Hey, you didn't jump any guns!

It is important and even necessary to have enthusiasts like you. You give life to things.

So - keep on pushing, please!

BTW, have a !BEER to help cure the flu :)

Thanks for that!

We can't fault a man for getting excited and being human. I got a feel of the beta thanks to your announcement and it looked good. I was tempted to even review a few changes I saw there but its all good. Your excitement was contagious and rippled across the network, it got lots of people talking and probably potential investors as well.
Keep on keeping on brother

Thanks, man!

so no new what happened and why? that kinda sucks

very beautiful...

Dont' worry mate. The smart people are very active, so are the consumers. It is growing everyday. I do get confused from time to time, dreaming of whatever "ROI" in life, but as long as that doesn't happen, it doesn't matter.

I love your enthusiasm! I'm assuming that the reason it has gone back to private beta is so that more site development can happen. It is going to be great!
Hope you feel 💯% soon!

Thanks, Melinda! I'm starting to feel much better today.

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It was nice to be able to get in there and look around for the small chance I had. I figured I would have more time and didn't do too much digging but liked what I saw for some of the community features and hope it's even better by the time they re-open the beta or push it out as live.

It’s time for me to step up and create my own community soon! I’ll definitely join bbq and beer! 😅

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As soon as communities are live! I'll see you there :)

lol yeah myself and my PHC community were JUST as eager as you lol!!! And then we all stared blankly as it was no longer available haha... anyway, we will all just have to exercise a little more patience I suppose :) - but don't down play your enthusiasm... EVER!!! It is a part of who you are ;)

Let's hope communities open soon. The sneak preview was good though! Alright, I'll stay enthusiastic :)

Indeed! and yes, enthusiasm is contagious :)

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