Splinterlands crosses 2 million marketcap + great weekly volume + DEC going up vs STEEM.

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What an awesome day for Splinterlands!

For the first time, the market cap of the game has crossed 2 million dollars!

Look at that!

That's looking mighty fine.

But wait there is more!

The in-game currency DEC also has seen a nice increase of about 10% versus STEEM.

Screenshot 2019-06-29 at 20.11.43.png

DEC is getting harder to get (just like STEEM) the more people play the game. (There is only 1 million to go around each day to all the players).

I've already noticed a decrease in the amount of DEC per win I get from when the currency just came out and as a maverick I know there are awesome updates waiting in the wings to make DEC even more useful.

But wait there is even more!

Check out Stateofthedapps.com and look at the 24h volume of the top 10 DApps in the world.

Steem Monsters is doing very well with $30k volume.

Screenshot 2019-06-29 at 20.22.55.png

And to top it off, my own collection also seen a nice increase in value mostly due to the gold commons going up.

Screenshot 2019-06-29 at 20.10.28.png

Screenshot 2019-06-29 at 20.10.44.png

All in all fantastic result for the Splinterlands team and the players and also fantastic news for STEEM!

What a great app to have on board the Steem blockchain!

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Hey, there are two which made millions and not only thousands within those top 10 =P (So they're in front of splinterlands)

Thanks! I don't know what I was looking at. Going to edit the post. Thanks so much for pointing that out.

I got shortly confused by the commas as well. Although it is difficult to compare the apps, the other two are exchanges. So you can say it's the biggest non investment app =P

Always a silver lining somewhere!

I didn't check stateofdapps since drugwar drama! Today you showed a good example what actually happens drugwar and few other apps who left STEEM to build their own chains by loosing our trust!


The report data is showing really well in terms of the game users and transaction going on. Let's hope for the best in coming days to be achieved a good goal in terms of number of users .

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Greetings, exyle

I saw that have moments than we can buy decs more "cheaper, like a 0,0023xxx
Now, its time to sell, if a person did not want to stake this decs!!!

thank you and have a nice day

I wonder how long it will take, until big game production Studios just start to "Update" their old Games into the Steem World.
@exyle there is no real reason why it would not work, or am I wrong? Is there a rule or a reason for make a new game for Steem only useage - it dont see one?

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Look at those Gold Commons Go! It's a good thing to focus on when the rest of the market is a bit of a wild card! This cryptosphere is not for the easily unnerved!! Keep calm and Steem on Mark!! 😂🎶

Hi @exyle, I'm working on a project to provide information about charts in steem-engine tokens cotizations. To complete your article, if you allow me, I chart the cotization of DEC and SPT as Spliterland principal tokens.





If do u interest more information of this kind, search on my profile.


Exciting news.

Time to use Steem profits to invest in more Steemmonsters cards!

Long live Steem and Steemmonsters.

I have also seen plentynof improvements on the rental market as well! A great opportunity to get more income going!

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It is because of You Mark @exyle that I got Involved with Steemmonsters. I Love the Fact That If I Choose to do So I Can Always purchase more cards I need and Level them UP and making Less Out There.......Can You Say Helping To Improve Value ??

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