Speaking my STEEM mind on my birthday.

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It's my birthday, I should have made an APPICS, but this blockchain is always on my mind 24/7.

Everyone that relies on the reward pool for their income or business model will simply have to wait for the STEEM price to go up until the projects that don't rely on the reward pool add enough value to the Steem network to make that happen.

There I said it.

Changing the reward model 25/75, 50/50 or an upside down n^2 with a 90° turn at the halfway split, it doesn't matter.

STEEM will just end up in different hands. The reward pool will spit it out according to a new set of rules and the people that know how to get it will get it.

It's that basic. It's never been different.

Personally, I think changing it is a terrible idea, There are no set proven benefits, yet you going to fiddle with Economics, businesses have built upon for the last 2 years.

It's a huge risk with possible side effect you can't see yet.

From my point of view, an author/content creator on Steem is no different than a business.

Back in 2016/2017 content creators were the only businesses here and they all wanted a piece of the reward pool.

It was the business model back then. But considering most authors had no stake they relied on whales and their upvotes.

Some got loads. And what did most do with their earned STEEM? Most sold it. Not once thinking about using their stake to propel their own author business in the future. No, sell it and give me more.

And who was supposed to buy that STEEM? You got it, the same people that upvoted them.

(Well, and me...I realized fairly early on I was never going to make it as a content creator unless I would build up my stake. I'm terrible at politics and I like to have control over my actions, hence I needed Steempower.)

But luckily as Steem is a very fast moving Ecosystem, this thought process is now changed to something way better.

Much to the dismay of some content creators btw. (You can find epic gems on this blockchain, where people say they used to make $10000 for their blog posts and now they only make $300, and Steem is therefore now shit).

Steem Monsters (Splinterlands) is by far my favorite project showcasing the power of Steem without relying on the reward pool.

They are using Steem for the awesome properties the blockchain has. And instead of using the reward pool to fund everything, they do the opposite.

They make sure that not only Steemians but also TRONians (if that what they are called) now and soon many other communities use the Steem Blockchain and the one account system and start spending money into the ecosystem. And on top of that, they use their SP to reward their community members, instead of paying themselves with it.

Other Applications also starting to understand that relying on the reward pool as a business model is not the way.

Here are some more examples. (They don't generate income from users by selling products but at least use their users to generate some income outside of the reward pool.)

Steemit.com - income from adds
Partiko - income from adds while rewarding users with their Partiko point system.
Steemhunt- Using the Steem Blockchain to add value to their HUNT token

I'm in huge favor of businesses standing on their own feet and using Steem to propel their business, by using this blockchain for all the awesome properties it has but also as a rewarding tool to reward their members.

If you are a single author on Steem today, that is what you are up against. Times have changed.

It doesn't mean Steem is shit, it doesn't mean Steem is unfair, it means that making it on Steem is very hard and requires a lot of building, time and effort.

Nobody is going to do THAT for you. So get to it.

I'm convinced there is not a bigger opportunity on the internet today than these beginning years of the Steem Blockchain.

Don't let it slip through your hands.


I believe SMT's or other tokens is what will be used to reward content creators in the future. @Steemhunt is doing it, and it works. Go check it out. Also, read the bombshell @aggroed dropped yesterday with SCOT here. Now that is forward thinking.

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It's a very simple system.

Accumulate as much steem power as possible.

In a couple of years no one will know about percentage, circle jerking, downvoting, etc.

If steem survive, of course.

Oh, and happy birthday.

Keep preaching, my friend.

Thank you, man! And I agree, in years from now, most likely nobody will care like no one cares who holds bitcoins and how they got it, today. Steem will survive, there is no doubt in my mind.

-I'm convinced there is not a bigger opportunity on the internet today than these beginning years of the Steem Blockchain.

I really like this statement at the bottom of this page.

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Totally agreed! Steemmonsters one of my favourite projects in the blockchain by far, and it's great to have joined in the very beginning, and seeing the amazing evolution. Actifit is also top of my list too; and they're giving a ton back to the community too!

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Happy birthday Mark!

people say they used to make $10000 for their blog posts and now they only make $300

Tens of thousands of dollars worth of Steem back then would have been a great amount of SP today. Instant gratification kills forward thinking.

yeah, here here! Keep STEEMing on, everybody! And happy birthday to @exyle whale.

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happy birth day exyle.

Happy Birthday sir. You shall celebrate many more birthdays in good health of mind and body.

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I hope so :) And thanks!

Happy birthday! I agree on the necessity of revenue generating businesses on Steem to create buying pressure on the tokens. Creating digital assets people want to spend fiat or other cryptos on is key, and that's what SteemMonsters is doing. Is that space colonization game doing the same?

Excellent points! For some the truth hurts but it's good medicine. I'm glad that I hodl'd and I'm excited to see Steem morph from just a blogging platform.

There is some talk here that Dan's imminent EOS blogging app will be a Steem killer. What are your thoughts on that?

I'm glad I'm hodl'ing too :). To be honest, I have no thoughts until I see it. How many Steem killers have we seen come and go by now?

Happy Birthday!! You are a pillar of this community and I trust your reasoning completely. I will continue to hodl and accumulate, and though I am small now I will not always be so :)

Happy Birthday Exyle!

Happy Birthday Mark!

Straight-forward stuff today.

If you are a single author on Steem today, that is what you are up against. Times have changed.


I believe SMT's or other tokens is what will be used to reward content creators in the future.

Blogging without a purpose/remit (eg. not for oracle-d, utopian-io, etc) will earn less and less, but blogging won't drive STEEM or Steem and so I'm OK with that. Steem Power will serve you right, I'm glad you got a bunch and have held.

Have an awesome day!

Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! I really like that quote at the end I just hope it will stand the test of time

It will! and thanks.

Happy birthday and enjoy your day. And good to know how steemit and partiko is making money to spend their expenses to maintain dapps.

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Happy Birthday @exyle

I like your straightforward way of looking at the reward pool seeing it from the proof of brain angle. Change the rules and people will find ways to optimally mine it.

You said it man! Always a delight to read your view! And of course congratulations!

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Happy birthday @exyle and great thoughtful write-up.

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Happy Birthday @exyle!
Great post and thanks for sharing your opinion and insights!
Can't wait to see how the blockchain space will evolve in the coming years!

Same here man! It will fun to see it all unfold. And thank you!

Happy birthday Mark :)

Happy Birthday! I think that the fact remains that we need more growth and engagement in order to highlight the capabilities of the ecosystem. While great projects have developed, we need users to use them and send the message outwards to demonstrate its use. Rewards and the underlying economics will come alone.

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Wishing you a very happy birthday :D

Happy Birthday Exyle. Totally agree that it needs to be about business because single authors just cash out and want more.

Oh happy birthday. Many more years ahead

Happy birthday!

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Happy birthday @exyle
I think 50/50 curation share is not good for small accounts. Just let the system as it is.

Happy birthday @exyle
May all your hopes and wishes and Law of AttrACTION... come true

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What about something useful instead...

For example different styles/ templates/ skins ?

Maybe I want my blog to be pink, or blue, or futuristic.
WP has about a million styles, Steemit has one.

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I totally agree with you. I think that individual tokens is what we are going to be seeing a lot more of in the future. It just makes sense from a business standpoint. I have been on a mad dash to power up as much of my rewards as possible. I want to make sure I am in a good position for when the price recovers.

Here is nothing wrong with this system ( 50%/50%), ....here's the problem of getting more users in steemit pages. We need more user get in this is just now all what we need.