Vlog 383: Refuting Steem rumors + professionalising witness @blockbrothers

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Uncertain times bring with them rumours.

But witness @blockbrothers likes to deal in facts.

Two rumours we nipped in the but recently by doing our own due diligence and sharing it with the community was that Ned was unhealthy and the other one that the outstanding SBD could inflate the STEEM supply to extreme numbers.

None of them were true.

I think slowly @blockbrothers is taking a more prominent and forward roll on the blockchain and I'm proud of that.

Our witness voting proxy program is also doing well having collected over a 1000mv total proxy vote now.

The transparency of our witness votes is appreciated by the community. See the witnesses we vote for here.

We are very grateful for the trust.

O and more thing, we also having a green market day today!

I talk about it more in my vlog

I am part of witness @blockbrothers.

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The @exyle smile is back :D

Two green days in a row is the best effort for a while - Thanks @soyrosa!

I've been a little distracted and so didn't hear those rumors, including the one about Samsung - funny! Can you keep this one running a bit longer though, I like the idea of 50 x'ing overnight :D

Lol! Where do I sign for 50x :)

If Samsung come in then you'll be happily signing off a huge tax receipt :D

I found a possible reason for the good days. Look how the 200 week moving average held up Bitcoin in the last bear market. Lets hope it does the same this time. There's so many people waiting for lower prices now, the market usually doesn't go where people expect https://www.barchart.com/shared-chart/%5EBTCUSD?chart_url=i_1545214948_1464784760&page_url=%2Fcrypto%2Fquotes%2F%5EBTCUSD%2Finteractive-chart%3Fid%3D935914

While Steemit continues to be an integral part of the ecosystem, the community continues to forge leaders like yourself to step in and decentralize it more. This is what will ultimately improve the value of the ecosystem once Steemit is bo longer an essential part of it...

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Let rumors be rumors! Though, that Samsung one, where did that come from?! Hahaha 😂

Let there be more green days, but won't be too disappointed if it heads back down to 22 cents as another buy in from me might happen after Christmas.

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I don't know where rumours come from all the time, they just appear :). I'm good either way with the markets. But I prefer a couple of green days for now.

Thanks again for always getting us the most accurate up to date information possible. I always know I can count on you and @blockbrothers to let us know what is going on. The green is a welcome change indeed.

Thank you!

Wow. Two green day’s in a row! We used to take that for granted huh. Now it’s big news lol How times have changed man.

hey appreciate blockbrothers man. Love that you guys think of the every day Steemian. and keep us updated. as much as i would love to read code. I can’t even spell HTeeML properly ;)

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I need to cast my vote to the list you provide because I love your transparency and I trust you. I put the link in the favorite of Partiko.

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Assuming Dan has plenty of liquid from selling all that EOS. If Ned's selling Steemit INC it could easily be to him.

That would at least be an answer to what is happening, maybe not the best one, but not knowing what is going on is not helping the price of steem

and the other one that the outstanding SBD could inflate the STEEM supply to extreme numbers.

This is absolutely still possible. There is no upper limit on how much Steem could be created from the extant SBD supply. It all just depends on the timeframe and how much SBD gets converted into Steem per week.

The 'haircut' protection has already dropped to a .39 SBD to Steem rate after some conversions just the other day. That will keep ticking down. You only have to look at @socky's chart of Steem supply that it inflation can curve upwards unpredictably. Nobody should be under the illusion that SBD doesn't carry an inflation risk.

Having extra Steem on the markets will keep the price suppressed for many more years to come, if we cant stop the inflation from going to crazy levels then we are in trouble. Saying that Steem inflation is 9% annually is a huge lie, this community doesn't deserve to be lied to and scammed to. To me it is clear as day, if SBD is causing extra Steem inflation, SBD needs to go to a well deserved rest. This could be just a start of possible damage SBD can do, yes there is less printing of SBD right now, but whose to say that 12.5 million SBD circulating right now can't all be converted to STEEM which at his price would create cca 30 million extra STEEM.

While it might hurt for a while not having SBD, we will adjust to situation quickly, it is just one less currency in our life, the one that was supposed to be pegged to 1USD, yeah if 1USD is worth 0.5$ up to 20$. SBD is a joke that needs to end. Can't you all see that people are speculating on the "pegged" asset that can bring down Steem!? Why is SBD still alive is my question?

There is almost never anything positive with you, is there.

That last up move is clearly @freedom who just converted a 100.000SBD to STEEM and that was not unpredictable because nothing is regarding conversion on a public blockchain.

I just don't think we should be under any illusions.

Can you predict when @freedom or anyone else will do conversions and how much? When and how that debt gets turned into Steem is something we just don't know, and it can happen in such a way that creates much more Steem than the current price suggests.

all the fud has been cleared well what a time that was hahah

Rumors are exactly it, most of the times they are just ideas/thoughts that people want to see happening.

What I really liked to hear was that the most negative rumor is now dead, and the most positive/funny rumour really gives us some perspective about the future.

If you are happy I am happy @exyle. Thanks for the update . You’re the guy I go to to check how we are doing.

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@exyle what is the best price to convert SBD at for max steem tokens?

People want communication functionality - like messaging chat - as without these functionalities this platform is very cold as people need to be able to talk message cheat to their followers etc.

@exyle er zijn heel wat veranderingen op til in de steem blockchain, hopelijk komt dit het platform ten goede, groeten

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