It’s a beautiful place.

in exyle •  6 months ago


We just got back from a whole day of fun.

It turned out we had friends (including Fabio) in town for one day and we spend the whole day with them.

I'll write about it more extensively tomorrow.

There is just no time now!

I just had a quick shower and waiting for Bianca to get ready to go out for dinner with our friends.

It's been a while since I did so much in a day but could relax so much while doing it.

This island is absolutely stunning.

I always feared that Mallorca would be one of those party island where 'young' people go full of clubs and stuff.

But it's not true.

It's rich in nature here and I already saw some places I want to visit in the coming days.

But of course there are also beautiful beaches here.

This picture we took today on one of them.

Could be worse I would think :)

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The view behind you is gorgeous.
You can tell paradise did exist one time.
Enjoy your vacation.
Keep on postin'

Look at that. The holiday is peeling the years from you! ;OD


I think he only took off his glasses ;)


Dammit, I've been duped!! :0D


LOL! Thanks!

Wow,so beautiful pic,the nature enriches its beauty with the great presence of beautiful and very talented steemians of the world.Enjoy your time dear.

Wow! I've been there in 2017.
Beautiful island!



Look great, my friend and the photo from the beach turned out excellent! Mallorca always surprises with its nature and the sea, it's very good that you are there with friends, who can see beautiful places and have a great rest, well done! Thank you Mark.

Dear friends, good that you are already in that beautiful place enjoying a well deserved vacation, I am very happy, try to have fun, I bless you and I hope you can share with us all that wonderful trip, have a good time, great greetings for you two.

nowadays life of every person is too busy and complicated and it is very important to spend some quality time with close ones. Have fun @exyle .🎉🎉🎉

Enjoy your time away from your home. Mickey has moved to my house.


Thanks, man! Say hi to Mickey and good luck getting ride of him.

Wow so sweet photography! Looking different ,what is the reason? Got it ,your glass. Really you are looking great without your glass and Bianca is all time beautiful and pretty, i like her sweet smile. Very nice to see both of you enjoying and having fun this amazing place ,thanks to share and waiting for more photographs.

Mark @exyle That is one Beautiful and Peaceful looking Harbor behind you and Bianca @bkdbkd in the Picture. The Best part of this post is that Steepshot allows these Wonderful pictures and Steemit posts to happen so Easily while you are on the Go and exploring the Country. Have Fun, I know you Will.............


Steepshot is indeed a great tool! For holiday especially.

It's rich in nature here and I already saw some places I want to visit in the coming days.

That’s exactly what I’m looking for when planning some trip. Even not having beach close by wouldn’t bather me. You have as a nice bonus. I’m really jealous, but at the same time I’m happy for you.


Thanks man!

It looks lovely there @exyle. Sounds like the holiday is off to a great start! 😊

@exyle, You and Bianca most stunning their for this steepshot. But Bianca has cute looks than without your smile face :D
Yeah...Mallorca is amazing naturalize island for have fun & enjoy. I hope you'll upload more attractive images tomorrow. Indeed richest nature, both your pics being awesome. Be safe and have fun lovely couple.

Spending your time with your family at cool place is always a fun. Place is really beautiful. Video of beautiful place is missing in your post. Hopefully you had a great time with Binaca. keep sharing @exyle

No glasses on this photo looks like your enjoying your private island @exyle beautiful beaches sounds nice and I am sure Mallorca got's some parties going on, just avoid those if your not feeling it.

@exyle It looks like you and Bianca are having a wonderful time! It is great to be able to spend time with your friends! Enjoy your time there and the scenery in the background looks like lovely weather! I am glad to hear that you were surprised that it was not a party town like you were expecting. So many surprises have already awaited you! I can't wait to see what happens next for you!

Looks like a gorgeous place and you are looking rested already! Enjoy your dinner tonight with friends...


Thanks! It was great.

you have a great family. be happy forever :)

Uhm, I will only agree with you when I see more pictures brother, though the background of this picture shows that the weather there is favorable and cool. Enjoy your holiday.

It is really a beautiful beach. I am so exciting to seen your new post I hope which is also in good location.....

Just a single picture??I think you could share many for enjoyed alot it's a good feeling.I hope next day will be more exciting and stunning for you.

Wow so sweet.nice moment. thanks for your post.very beautiful photo

I've heard fantastic things about Mallorca, it's definitely a amazing place In Spain, well often times I use to think it's a party all night place. Amazing photo you and Bianca

I hate you both...!w.jpg

Lol......... I want to believe you're a great observant and do take note of things..... in one of your post on your journey I'd rightly dropped a sharp comment on seeing you alone and not with Bianca....... You did now by showing to us her picture in here....... Telling us that she's cool too in

Hope the station is an esperched place.......... Enjoy your dinner waiting for the next update of your stay in Mallorca as you've said.

Beautiful photo!

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Hi Exyle. Could be a whole lot worse lol. Enjoy it.

the color of the water speak it all so beautiful beach. thanks for sharing this.

Wow, beautiful. Wish I were there. @ironshield

Seems pretty outstanding place to have joyful moment. With specs you're mostly handsome @exyle. I think Bianca also surprising & she's proud about you. Mallorca beach wanna give surprising occasion to both of you.

I'll write about it more extensively tomorrow.

I will wait for your next.

How beautifull !

wow you both looking so beautiful 😍😍 looks like you are really enjoying island looks really stunning Aahan Have a best one 😍

Where is that? It seems like a great place for vacations. Have a nice day

Really Its A Beautiful Place And Also Your Picture is Outstanding Enjoy Your Trip :)

It's a tough life, but someone has to do it. Blessings.

What a beautiful place it is on that romantic beach. happy Holidays

Such a beautiful place , amazing photography .

Thanks for sharing @exyle
Upvote you .

Just wow. Happy people are those who get a chance to see new places and you are one of them. Will look forward to your post where you will do a followup of this trip. Keep it up.

Wow, wonderful place ))

For the scenery that looks behind you you see that it is a very nice place, I would love to see more photos about your trip! I hope you had a great day :)

Glad you started the holidays holidays, and the steem is rising, enjoy

Wow this place looks awesome to enjoy nice shot there have fun and enjoy the holidays :D

No wonder you are enjoying .

The background does really looks awesome and beautiful !

What a sensational place. The view behind is just tremendous. The water looks like a swimming pool. So cool it is. Lovely place for sure. Good phoyography too. Have some fun dear.

Nice shot! Looks like a magical place!

Really Beautiful, both of you and the background. God Bless.