I powered up another 7,2k STEEM + Price thoughts + Power-up Statistics #14

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Every two weeks or so I like to compare the current power-up statistics and see how we stand.

I also rebranded the name of my report to Powerup statistics (from power-down)! It just sounds better!

Here they are:

15 June 2019

STEEMPOWER199,3 million
LIQUID STEEM113,0 million
SBD8,9 million

Virtual Supply ≈ 333,821,706 STEEM

29 June 2019

STEEMPOWER199,3 million (no change)
LIQUID STEEM113,9 million (+0,9 million)
SBD9,0 million (+0,1 million)

Virtual Supply ≈ 337,789,319 STEEM

Another two weeks, another report!

In the last two weeks, the amount of STEEM that is powered up has stayed exactly the same.

There were also no significant SBD conversions to STEEM

Inflation was therefore also stable these two weeks, but it's looking like that will change in the next two weeks, due to SBD conversions to STEEM.

Only an increase in STEEM price will prevent this.

STEEM price

STEEM received some great news yesterday. We are now rated A on coinmarketcap from a previous ugly C rating.

Screenshot 2019-06-28 at 21.26.03.png

Price doesn't give a shit of course. But I have excepted this by now. In fact, I'm happy about it now.

I keep grinding at it (as do many others) and I can get a little more along the way.

250k STEEMPOWER wasn't a reality at 40 cents for me, but hell, with prices going potentially lower, it will.

I also know that the opportunity is now and I don't know how long it will last.

Bring it.

I believe, there will be a time when all of this reverses and then I want to to be on board properly.

Here's why:

Currently, it's no question what is more effective to get STEEM. Buying it is where it's at vs earning it.

REMEMBER, this reverses when STEEM trades higher and then earning it is where it's at because buying becomes impossible.

Having enough STEEMPOWER to earn STEEM (without having to rely on others)is my goal. It's so simple to see.

HF21 will make this even more important.

Also, I read some more posts today of people talking shit about STEEM.

When people talk shit about Steem I just get angry, it makes want to work harder for Steem, do more. Fight for Steem.

That's what I'm doing.

Steem is one of the best things that ever happened in my life. I am not going anywhere and I'm putting my money where my mouth is and have been doing this for the last 3 years.

Keep building! Steem on!

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I'm getting a little obsessed with buying and leasing Splinterlands cards.
I keep seeing cheap, gold foil Alpha cards, snapping a few up, combining til they're mid level and get a second ability, then dropping them on the lease market for those looking for an easy 20% bump to their DEC rate. Even without a price rise most of them will have paid themselves back inside 2 years.
There are new people flooding into the discord and telegram channels; and the updates keep coming thick and fast.
Very exciting time to be on the chain.

That's a good strategy, even without leasing the return on these cards is excellent.

The site is looking wonderful and colourful too now, most appealing visually.

How to buy the Steeemmonsters security token? I keep looking on steem-engine and can never seem to find it!

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You need to open up a steemonsters account - then you can purchase the cards via the market...


I can see why! Market cap is almost 2 million!

Splinterlands is just another opportunity on the blockchain that's open to everyone that's willing to take it.

I love the way you think btw and also the timeframe of 2 years. That's long term thinking!

I also have a decent amount of gold alphas. It's been very nice to see them increase in value.

where do you find the graphic? And my respect to you, you are real Steemian!!!

My SP still at the 1/2 of your recent power up! But I don't know why I feel, this SP amount could push me into the Millionaires club with SMT launch! I am just trying to imagine how feel this, Probably you might be in the Trillionaires club next year isn't it?


I’ve been buying heaps more Steem at these prices too. Will need to start buying with fiat if prices stays around these levels.

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Well done...
I did power up as well few days ago almost 700 and now i have 4687 Steem Power. I know it's not a lot but slowly, slowly i will add more..
What do you think about SBD?
Should i(us) keep it as it is since it's a "stable coin" or exchange it in Steem on the internal market?

It's up to you what to do with your SBD. I'm currently just swapping all mine for STEEM.

Have you been buying some PAL also?

I have bought some PAL but not nearly as much as you! Wow! That's impressive!

I can't invest in everything on Steem even though I'd love too. I'm personally pretty heavily invested in Splinterlands for instance and STEEM. Also got a stack of DEC tokens and some ENG.

So many opportunities are here now.

I really like how you talk about it and take massive action simultanously. Others just talk or take little action...

I actually bought another 300 recently, not quite in your league but I did tell myself 'no more' a few weeks ago... but at these prices, you're right.

Mind you all of that went on PAL and steemmonsters cards! It's still Steem - but in its more evolved form as I see it.

I think HF21 has just got people nervous, that's where all the negativity is coming from.

Yeah, I thought no more when I reached 200k but at these prices...but o man...:)

Respect for your loyalty towards Steemit!
Yes, let's steem on :)

I wish I could buy but I can only earn, so there's that. I hope HF21 is kind to all of us especially those who can't afford to buy steem from the market. I do a little bit of trading now and then but it has not added up to much. At least I have not lost the steem I started with. I am thinking of powering down some steem, getting it binance and hopefully returning with something worth while to power up.

Anyhow, I'm still with steem. It has been good to me too. I have been living off rewards for a year plus while out of job. Though it is quite small and I am cutting corners and more, it counts for something.

Nice! I feel the same exact way. lol...we still neck and neck on SP

Haha, yeah, I do feel that we have done similar journey's!

@exyle, For sure great to read about the Coinmarketcap and in my opinion these Rankings and Gradings will effect movements outside Steem Ecosystem.

The whole world is swimming in the water and by that i mean, life is filled with ups and downs and no way Steem will be so much blessed and crystal clear without any setbacks, but in life we move forward while concentrating towards what is good, same we have to continue with what is good while appreciating and supporting those projects, communities and individuals who are striving hard to make this Ecosystem shine.

Wishing you successful journey ahead brother. Stay blessed.

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BAM 💥 Some strong words to put in face of Steem dubitative/angry people :) I LOVE your mood about Steem !

Love this quote:
"When people talk shit about Steem I just get angry, it makes want to work harder for Steem, do more. Fight for Steem."

Congratulation man for the power up of more and more STEEM of your account. Hope for the best in coming future for STEEM. 👍

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Many positive news surrounding today good to see that always :D

I just wish I had the spare cash: I've got the creativity and time to create content but not to throw money in.

Have you signed up for our legal case yet? It really would compliment your Steem investments because if this wins, it's a huge win for the entire crypto industry.

To join up just send an encrypted memo to @jpbliberty saying “Join Class Action” and providing contact details and mentioning @brianoflondon

More details in this post

Thank you very much @exyle for this move- Powering up for 7,2K is a great achievement. I really understanding the need to Power up at this time, we are all waiting for the bull run upon along hard folk of STEEM. By this time it has been slow in its increase, but we expect a good time this year for steem. Congratulations and have a blessed weekend!

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Waoo, Steem is very interesting and has so may ways to earn. thanks for this information that makes be in touch with our economy.

What are your thoughts on the HF21. Steem engine was a revolutionary change for Steem blockchain. Hope to see some more great changes.

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Each day your blog posts inspires me to remain focused on Steem, regardless of the price, because there are better days ahead. Thanks for the good works. Cheers!

Great let's pump

I don’t have a lot of spare cash. However, I have some. Even a modest buy is helpful as it is faster than trying to earn it at my SP level. These prices are good even if you are buying a few Steem.

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Steem is going down! Sorry to break it to you!!

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