Happy Rib-eye day from the green egg!

in exyle •  19 days ago


I went to Makro today where they had this beautiful Irish ribeye on sale.


I cut the ribeye into steaks and put them all (besides 3) in the freezer.


Can't wait for summer so I can take some pictures again of the cooking process. But I put these steaks on the egg for about 4-8 minutes. (internal temp around 45-50c). Then let them rest for 5 minutes. When I sliced into them I was a happy man.



End result with some grilled vegetables and potatoes Bianca made. It's no cookbook material but it tasted great!


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That looks yummy and now I want a steak ...
I think I will have to do a little shopping next week with beef on the list. Maybe also a bit for homemade burgers. I need a bigger freezer XD

Mark @exyle I am a Lover of Fine BEEF.........Bon Appetite


It was great thanks!

lekkerrrrrrrr, looking awesome

Hi Exyle. The meat is perfectly cooked and it looks fantastic. No blood on the plate as the meat is well rested. You are talented with the egg.


Resting meat is key!

Omg that looks so good!😍

How much did it cost?

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Oh love it ;-)
That was great meal!
Big Plastic Hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

Having fun enjoy the delicious day :D

That looks perfectly cooked and perfectly rested.

Too often, folks forget to let their meat rest and they lose a lot of the juices.

Looks pretty darn awesome to me. That is cool that you were able to buy the whole thing and then cut them down into the steaks that you wanted. I did some grilling myself this weekend. My main grill was buried in snow so I had to use my camp grill in the driveway!