Happy Birthday @s3rg3!

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Today’s was @s3rg3 birthday!

He’s the oldest blockbrother at 42 and loves life and good quality stuff :)

It’s because of him I have a green egg for instance. (A famous story by now).

When he invited us all last week to watch the F1 for his birthday we all accepted.

And what a race we got today!

As Dutchmen you can imagine we were all very happy about the winner!

After the race his wife (@missmau) served us this amazing chili she prepared for 8 hours.

It was out of this world!

A fantastic end to the weekend!

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I think he Will love the fact you mentioning he is the oldest 😂😂😂




He doesn't look a day older than 41. Enjoy the brews!

A wonderful conclusion of the weekend, my friend and I congratulate the @s3rg3 on his birthday, I wish him all the best! It's great when you can gather on such a day, celebrate, play and have fun with friends under delicious snacks and excellent beer. Well done! Thank you Mark.

happy birthday @s3rg3 😊 i wish you the best in your life, greetings from venezuela.

Looking great the amazing chilli, now i got an idea that you all chilli lover because yesterday you made a recepi with chilli, that's great i also like very hot and think without hot not possible to make testy food. Nice photography and best wishes to @s3rg3 for his birthday hope you enjoyed lots, thanks to share your enjoyable day.

Happy birthday to @s3rg3 and many happy returns of the day. Wishing him all the best as he celebrates. All that matters is to enjoy life to the maximum no matter what age you are. Remember age ain't nothing but a number, how you feel inside is more important :)

Happy 42th Birthday to oldest blockbrother brain @s3rg3oldest may he make @exyle wiser hehe.

Hi Exyle. It was a fantastic result for the dutch. A superstar on the rise I think.
Happy Birthday to your brother and the chili does look good.


Great result! Loved the race!

Fantastic company, great food, awesome win in the F1 and good beer! What a way to celebrate a birthday!



Happy birthday @s3rg3 , many many happy returns of the day .
Best of luck .

Thanks fir sharing @exyle
Upvote you .

Have a nice one!

Happy birthday @s3rg3😊

Que buena celabración @exyle, soy nuevo siguiendo tus contenidos. No hay nada mejor que compartir con la familia.

Happy Birthday bros

Happy birthday to your friend. Delicious snaks are looking in plate.

Happy Birthday @s3rg3!

Your life is just one celebration after another @exyle. What a fun time for you! 😁

I wish a Happy Birthday to @s3rg3


happy birthday 🍾🍾

happy birthday @s3rg3 enjoy your especial day🙌🎊

Happy Birthday @s3rg3!

Happy Birthday @s3rg3
Nice celebration with delicious foods and beer. Spicy chili better taste for beer brewery.

Next time there is a Rdam Steemit Meetup, let me know!! ;)

42 is a fine number! Happy birthday to the old coot!

It looks very rich the chili I prepare! You had a good weekend, you look very good greetings :)

Mark @exyle Happy Birthday to @s3rg3 on his 42nd......... He is not OLD he is getting Better like fine wine............Now I am the OLD Guy but we'll leave the chronological age for another post...............

Beer and green egg for birthday, just great

Happy Birthday @s3rg3!
I hope you have the happiest birthday.Enjoy your special day.

Wonderful that was to check out a nice day its going to be happy birthday to @s3rg3 :D

Are those Doritos or a local kind of tortilla chip? The chili looks great!

Happy birthday

Good thing you could be next to your brother on this important date, give my regards, and wish you a wonderful happy birthday, for a world full of thousands of blessings.