Freeing up some time on Splinterlands. I have decided to start using the Herons Unlimited service.

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It's no secret I am a huge fan of Splinterlands.

But last night I came home and then I realized I did not play my daily 50 matches, therefore missing out on a ton of DEC tokens, I also didn't finish the daily quest (missing out on reward cards) and the whole weekend I had no time to play in any tournament (missing out on a lot of STEEM).

Throughout the week I also want to start focusing on some other Steem Projects/ Steem Promotions.

I have decided to start using the Herons Unlimited service for Splinterlands.

They match investors/cardholders to players. It's exactly what I need right now.

The players will use the decks of the owners to play tournaments and rank play and any reward are split between the two.

What the world still hasn't realized but every Steemian should is that the possibility to do this is insanely awesome.

Because everything is Blockchain-based. I, as the owner of the cards, never lose ownership of the cards even if I lend them out.

I can take them back at any time.

I, therefore, will continue to invest in Splinterlands and improve 'my deck' while someone else plays with it.

It's a symbiosis between investor and player were both parties benefit.

A high-level Splinterlands deck is not cheap. But time is not cheap either. There are only 24 hours in a day.

Earning STEEM is not easy either. Not for anyone. But for a good gamer, this arrangement can be way more efficient than blogging for it.

Especially with DEC tokens that keeping up in value compared to STEEM.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this service works out. So far I find it difficult to find a flaw.

Most of my cards are still on Cooldown and become active in the next 4-5 days.

I'll write a review about the Herons Unlimited service in about 2 weeks.

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I feel the same way man, and I just submitted in my application to become one of the providers of cards. I'm gonna have a busy few weeks for some time and I won't be able to complete all my quests or play as much as I would like to. Let's let someone else have the fun while I enjoy some of the rewards that come with it.

Is this built in to splinterlands? I don't have time to play either and this would be perfect

I've been doing this for a week now, and I'm very happy with how easy it's been.

Smashing, cheers dude!

last night I came home and then I realized I did not play my daily 50 matches, therefore missing out on a ton of DEC tokens

Hmm, is there a bonus for playing more than 50 matches? Or that's the optimum number considering the replenishing rate of DEC capture rate?

50 matches a day is about the optimum number for the recapture rate indeed!

I sold all of my SteemMonsters cards after I kinda lost interest in the game. It gets really repetitive for me and finding matches was incredibly slow.

It was fun for a while to me but I get bored easily and figured I would sell everything back into STEEM. Unfortunately STEEM did nothing but go straight down after that.

Steem Monsters keeps evolving with new rulesets and more players. Guilds are about to come out. The mobile app is on its way! Earning DEC tokens has added tremendous value to the game.

I love playing the game. I wish I had more time. That's why I like this service. The moment I have more time I can play again and still have all my cards.

The cards also keep going up compared to most markets.

There is no way I'm selling any of them.

I am having two account and I play them daily. Herons-Unlimted is certainly a consideration but I would loose out a lot of money and so far I am way to dependent on that income. But in the long run, I will likely use that service as well.

I didn't know anything like that existed. That is pretty awesome. I am going to have to dig into it a little more. I feel like I could be doing much better with my current decks if I had the right knowledge and the available time. This really does sound like a win/win to me.

I love the service that @herons-unlimited offers and I'm very happy playing two decks every day.. I think when you don't have the time to play yourself, this is perfect to make sure your deck isn't left unplayed!

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I would love to be a renter/player...Just not sure how to go about that.
Cool times for Splinterlands!

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I enjoy playing it daily to give that pleasure to someone else! I still need to improve my deck to optimize everything but that is also part of the fun of playing and watching the opportunities in thr market!

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