Vlog 366: Tired of BTC's control over the markets, will we (STEEM) ever break it?

in exyle •  2 months ago

I am one of those people that believe that at some point in time people will get so tired of Bitcoin's control over the markets they will just ignore it.

I had a small preview of this last night when I checked the markets at 5 am and saw that Bitcoin went down around $300 but STEEM was steady at 80 cents, no problem.

Screenshot 2018-10-11 at 10.05.11.png

Screenshot 2018-10-11 at 10.05.26.png

Of course this is an anomaly.

Steem has gone down plenty with BTC in the past and then some and I'm pretty convinced if BTC would plunge to $3K today nothing will be spared.

But I do believe STEEM has that potential.

One of the reasons I believe this can happen is because of the constant developments on STEEM and the fact we are creating our own eco system of value with real users.

It just needs to get big enough. This takes time. I can wait.

I talk about it in my vlog.

Other things I mention in this vlog are my current investment strategy's when it comes to STEEM.

This the link to the blog post I mention in the vlog: Steemitdev blogpost

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That is good start, my heart beats when bitcoin goes down cos I know steem always goes down with it. With the recent development ongoing with steem, there is every possibility of steem being free from btc.

Yes, really tired of Bitcoin's control.
Nice vlog!

I do believe in the power of Steem. Like you already said, there is so much development going on on the blockchain. although I do realize that the problems , for instance, of the HF20 does scare people of and growth is some slower... But with a lot of steem ambassadors we should survive ;)


It's an ongoing process. HF20 had a rough start but I think will benefit the blockchain greatly. I did underestimate how much this would effect new users I must admit luckily this will soon be fixed with RC delegation.

loved that last bit man lol and you are so right.

we CAN have fun here while we wait for whatever the future brings. and fun is to be had for sure. the bitcoin hodlers just have to hope and pray things bounce back.

we can play steem monsters while we wait lol

pretty cool deal :)

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Indeed man! And yes, I already know for me SM will be a good distraction!

Quick, someone start a Bitcoin Down, Steem UP!! thread which will be a discussion that continues for literally years with insights on the situation the project finds itself in.


Are you saying such thing does not exist yet! O man...

It could be that many things are going on in Bitcoin as well, but since you don't follow it actively (neither do I) then it might look like it's standing still compared to steemit.

I always appreciate these confidence building posts!


Thanks man!

9 months ago STEEM was around 8 dollars, back then we hadn’t all these cool new projects we have today and the SMTs roadmap wasn’t that much clear.

Prices are pure speculation at this point with BTC remaining the landmark for the entire market.

I believe we need some more time to focus on development and growth of the ecosystem, price will inevitably catch up once the full potential of this blockchain is revealed ;)

It does get frustrating seeing the markets all move in tandem with Bitcoin!

And I agree that Bitcoin is a bit 'stale' - no new developments or anything exciting happening! The reason it remains at the top is because it has the first mover advantage - when you ask the evrdya person about crypto the first thing loads of people would say is Bitcoin.... lets hope Steem can change that!

I have a similar vision that what will finally break the overall downtrend of the market will be the few assets that have delivered on economically viable protocols and projects (like Steem) will outperform and gain demand over those that will ultimately fail for lack of adoption or development. This will lead to sectors within crypto that will become more uncorrelated to bitcoin goin forward, similar to what we see ib stock markets where bank sector and tech sectors could trade with different valuation changes on a daily basis.

I have been seeing this a little with Steem. In the past, the graphs for all the coins looked almost identical to Bitcoin's but nowadays I am seeing Steem starting to look different. I think people are starting to separate bitcoin from other altcoins more than before which can be a good thing. I have seen Steem prices go up with bitcoin goes down.

You appeared as though you wanted to laugh when you mentioned dlive @exyle

Could this be a result of your insight, and knowing how foolish that move was on their behalf?

Thank you for your analysis. It's refreshing to see the optimism in many dedicated members here.

You're a visionary mate, a keen sense of the practical use application of Steem. I think, you are right on point.

I hope so @excyle !

Ray #lifeisforliving

Bitcoin ...you bastard! LOL. Yeah. I feel that some days. XD
Steem on!

Are the Vlogs back?? After 365 (1 year), is this the beginning of another 365 Vlogs?

I do think we and the major coins below BTC will break this relation up/up or down/down, as soon as the masses reach crypto, because for now there are just not enough money to avoid that. BTC dictates the pace, and for now we can only wish for BTC to moon, which will mean we will follow...

I think eventually we can get there, what steem offer is huge, a world of possibilities.

I suppose up and down is just the nature of the beast. We may see $10 again and mayb .50 cents, who can say. I am impressed that bitcoin seems to be staying about 6000 amazing when you consider just over a year ago, really.

Speed of creation of accounts is a very important factor. Velocity didn't bring really any changes in this regard.

Sometimes in the past when Bitcoin was falling I took refuge in Steem as I have also notice it is less sensitive to markets fall.

Speed of Steem BlockChain makes ideal for payments. Not even counting it is free to transfer value.

these drastic falls will make investors think about for sure in the long term and the whales that play with the manipulation will be stopped eventually at some point of time

Betquin is the strongest coin when you go up and all the coins will go up with it
I hope that Steam will rise as soon as possible

I think being listed in Coinbase would catapult steem price just like the coins listed there @exyle