Dporn is back!

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In my 3 years on Steem, I invested in several projects build on our blockchain.

Some of these investments were more successful than others.

One of the projects I invested in (pretty heavily) was Dporn.

I always considered Adult Content and blockchain a good match.

For the people that remember at some point we had a company called Vice on Steem that wanted to do the exact same thing utilizing an SMT but that never happened for obvious reasons.

But Dporn did make it happen and when they offered tokens on Bitshares I invested.

But I guess with a lower Steem Price and content creators leaving it was hard to keep the project momentum going (but it was never dead).

I decided to stay invested but sort of had considered the investment lost.

I was wrong!

Yesterday they made an announcement.

They are coming back using a Tribe on Steem-Engine! And that makes so much sense!

Read the announcement post here

I think using a Tribe to power your community saves so much in development costs and gives them more flexibility in adding value to their own token, more time for adding content creators and finding revenue models.

The power of tokenizing the web on Steem is truly starting to shine through Steem-Engine!

One heads-up I want to give is that the token currently might be slightly overvalued.

There are only a 1000 PORN tokens being traded but an airdrop is coming and the original BTS investors will get their tokens 1:1 on Steem-Engine so supply will increase.

But all in all, pretty awesome stuff to see this project revitalized on Steem.

At the end of the day, the adult industry is a pretty big one and if only a sliver of that finds it's a way to Dporn that would already be fantastic for them.

I will follow it with interest.

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I don't like porn personally, But I have always been all for this.
Crypto and porn just make sense.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I want to be a content creator for dporn LOL

I'm assigning you to the scat section.


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Are you guys going to upvote my adult content 😂😂🙌🏼🙌🏼

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100% manual curation on #dporn tag


Could be the most organised Trending / sub-tagged tribe thus far! :)

Oh god I'm dying XDDDD

Like mama always says the best is always home made right?


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It's not fun in the way you think it would be. Movies especially.

i will pay for it, soo see it :-))))

Things are clearly fappening on this chain right now! Give em the D!!!

That picture and title combination made my day haha

Good to see that dporn keeps going!

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If everything is traceable on the blockchain.

How does one hide their history?
And how does something get deleted?

I ask because you state that you thing blockchain and porn is a good combo and every time I see it I think: “What a terrible idea, putting that taboo on a blockchain that records everything forever.”

Either way, I’m realizing that if dporn gets a slice of the worldwide porn revenue, my SP investment will be worth that much more.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

User-generated (legal) adult content is no different than a blogpost about a cat. If it can get rewarded through a Tribe like Dporn it's just a good incentive to put it there compared to any other website.

If a user likes to make adult content anyway and putting it online, they might as well use dporn and get some tokens instead of nothing somewhere else.

Getting things deleted will be tough. But that's already the case on the internet today.

People that watch the content can be anonymous. If they want to reward the content they can be anonymous too.

Can i get some free dporn tokens for holding my steem power?

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The airdrop rules are not known yet. Once I know I'll write about it.

Good morning!

I caught this announcement an hour or so ago and i'm happy the project is still alive and your investment isn't totally lost.

I had a look on Steem-engine this morning and saw that there was some early support for the token, but have to agree with:

One heads-up I want to give is that the token currently might be slightly overvalued.

Up to 3 million tokens will appear and so I think 'll wait to see who wants out and where the price steadies at.


The total supply of the whole token will be 10 million is what I heard.

The 3 million is from early investors on BTS. I'm not sure if they will all claim. But I a slight warning about it is only fair.

Yes that's right. I assume some will want to be out from the 1-1 drop but I do see the potential in Porn. That sounded weird to write :D

It's fabby news. I had invested in that one too and thought it lost!!

Shouldn't it be fappy news?


Lolz, fappy fappy!!

Your look in that picture is of someone super happy to have their porn back.

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Few days back I also thought about what has happened to DPORN and here you shared this announcement! Hope things might work properly on this time!


It's exciting to see yet another community being tokenized on Steem. By the way, in your opinion what could be the minimum number of potential users for such community to worthwhile?

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