Dollar-cost average sucks...until it doesn't...and in the meantime I'm having fun :)

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I have been acquiring some more Steempower for a while.

I dollar cost average in and it looks like this:

Screenshot 2019-08-14 at 08.29.26.png

I can tell you one thing Powering up is a lot harder then powering down!

Especially in these times.

Almost daily I can buy a little bit more STEEM then the day before.

And your mind has no trouble telling you that! (you should have waited, I told you so....).

Luckily I have some good control of my brain. I believe in my buys.

I'm also fully aware of what I have to face using this tactic.

It sucks...until it doesn't....the lowest I bought was around $18,2 cents and who knows where it might go. $0,10? $0,30? nobody knows.

Anyway, while markets find their way I focus most of my energy on the positive.

I was happy to read that China’s Center for Information and Industry Development rates Steem the #4 blockchain out of 35.

I think we should be able to bump that up because for some reason Applicability is really low (lowest out of all of them). Personally, I think Steem is pretty applicability.

Our FCAS score is also pretty damn decent.

Screenshot 2019-08-14 at 08.45.20.png

HF21 is also around the corner and should make the Blockchain more solid with the SPS.

I also focus my own efforts on the blockchain on different things besides just content and price.

It's been really fun.

I enjoy investing in token on Steem-Engine and checking out different tribes (communities).

I enjoy using different apps (under different accounts) and reading about what they are up too.

I enjoy the passive income (DEC tokens) from Splinterlands (and currently following their amazing card sales!).

I enjoy my live radio show where I get a first rank experience of what the Builders are doing on Steem. And even though it takes a hell of a lot of time, it's worth it.

I enjoy talking to Steem with others face to face, like developer @bennierex last Saturday and with my dad yesterday.

I've been reading a lot of posts about people wondering what Steem is. They can't figure it out anymore.

Is it content creation? Is it a Dapp platform? Is it a Steem-Engine investors place? Is it for developers?

For me it's pretty simple, Steem is what you make of it and every day new tools are created to allow you to do more with it!

I think a lot of people are not used to this type of freedom and feel lost. I say embrace it.

I have changed my direction on the blockchain several times in 3 years and it's fun. If you currently feel stale just mix it up. It can be refreshing.

Unless you have a business, Steem shouldn't be work for most of us, it should be fun.

I seriously think that @andrarchy and @project7 said it best in their interview.

Steem is the biggest Startup in the world and you are part of it.

It is the ultimate digital playground.

I mean:

I'm soon going to be a Monster Boss in a game everyone has to fight (Splinterlands), I'm a radio host, I'm a vlogger and blogger, I'm a Steem-Engine investor, I'm a witness, I'm so many things I could have never been without Steem.

Nobody told me I should become these things, but I am now.

It's like a children's book.

You can't make this stuff up and yet it's awesome.

What an adventure and it's only going to get bigger and better moving forward!

I don't want to miss it for the world.

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How to improve applicability and creativity rating on this Chinese list?

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Good point, I wouldn't know how to reach them.

Hi @exyle, check out this post:

The important quote:

Personally, I'm a bit biased when it comes to Steem, because I have a developer's background. I don't see any of the devs whining about price action and how Steem is "going to zero". What I do see are a bunch of diehards grinding out code no matter what happens, and that's inspiring.

That's why I believe STEEM will go up soon or later :)

My purchases have been monthly sonce Feb 2018 at $3.90 so I know the pain but it has gotten me to an average cost of $0.70 which is incredible! I remember wishing I could get it under a $1 and here we are! The only difference is that things here are much better than back then.

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Yeah, it's not been easy seeing what happened to the price. But now that we are here it's also an opportunity.

I hope so!

When the price is high, one does not want to sell and buys more. When it is low, you are reluctant to buy.

It is all sentiment!

Mark @exyle When You Look back to where the price of Steem is right now in the future you will be very Happy you dollar cost averaged more into Steem Power........

stop buying! make the ones leaving have to sell at 10c lol

doing the same as you. if it gets to below 11c i might decide to become a whale.

lol, you stop buying! I don't want to pay more :)

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How low do we have to get before Steemit double their dump? They could be a minnow in just 18 months.

i remember seeing a budget for steem at 20c


This is everything people need to know about Steem!

Great stuff as always man, thank you!

That's actually a great tag line for STEEM.

Thanks, man!

People should call you Mr. Jack of All Trades of The Steem Blockchian 😂

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Steady As She Goes. It's very cool to be part of this thing unfolding. Great steaming Mark!!

That is pretty exciting that we are ranked so high on the Chinese list. It is good to see positive stuff like that when you look at some of the other things and all you see is the rank or price going down.

Great post. the part about steem being the biggest startup is so true. I am currently learning to code just for steem...

Dollar-cost averaging is a conservative way to accumulate anything. I am a precious metals stacker and it works for me. Also, I am one of those who don't know much about steem. I just post everyday... and see what can come out of that. For sure, I enjoy the platform, after learning how to navigate it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and what you do for this community. Oh yeah... let me try Steemify!

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Wow, that´s an impressive "history", soon enough you will be rewarded by your commitment...

This is the moment of opportunities, for sure.
Steem on mate

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No body knows where huge selling will stop but can't wait if it goes even lower many people are waiting to buy

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Hard work pays @exyle, u are really doing great on steem

Lets get all users BIG this how we all can feel good and happy 😋👌 but it is cool to see you all time buy this steem up. 👌👊💸💸💸

Steem needs 1000 exyles. Riches are in the niches. I think the more that steem tries to become, the less value it will potentially have long term. All massive companies start out as a niche. Amazon with books, google with search. What does steem do? We can't even answer that clearly on one sentence. Good luck dude, I'm glad I finally got out.

Just remember, when you buy in you're paying for the steemit inc plane tickets and developers. Unless they're paying you to pump steem, which wouldn't surprise me at all.