Cooking dinner for the family...

in exyle •  5 months ago


I like this picture with my mom.

She always complains she can't look good on pictures.

But I think we succeeded this time, lol.

We had dinner together with the family today at my house.

My mom is leaving for France soon with her husband for 2 months.

I was so busy this week that I at first didn't agree to it.

But through some magic mom mastery I ended up cooking dinner for everyone anyway.....

I don’t know how a no turned into a yes but it did somehow.

In the end it was a lot of fun.

I'm glad it happened.

I made a huge pot of rice with tons of goodies.

Sam was here too, although he didn't like it.

But he had no trouble eating all the ice-cream for dessert :)

The rest of the evening I'm gonna relax.

I'm drained.

And I got another busy day tomorrow again.

I need to install internet in my sisters new house and after that I have to pick up my brothers daughter from school and baby sit for hours.

It seems somehow my family has no problem filling up my time :)

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A mom loves her baby without any condition, bears pain with smile and sacrifices everything without any complaint, how can she look bad in any pictures, when the heaven lies beneath the feet of mothers.


This is true, very correct

Now your mother will be interested in Steem and want to have her own blog to tell us about her trip in France lol I think it would not be bad idea xD


she already has her own blog. @clio.

Great @exyle! I am pleased to see you so serene and smiling, but I do not see little Sam? did you put him in a punishment? And Bianca where did she go? Maybe he was in the kitchen making rice lol!

Mark @exyle be very Grateful for your Family and Cherish the Time you have with them. You are a Good Son fixing Dinner for your Mom @clio
STEEM MONSTERS will be there. Don't Worry.................

"It seems somehow my family has no problem filling up my time :)"

Yes, be careful Exyle:

  • mowing the lawn
  • painting the house
  • clipping the dog's nails
  • grocery shopping

A beautiful photo, my friend, you and your mom on it turned out in a great mood and look happy, it's great! It's always fine when you can get together for dinner and just chat with a family member when you touch on pleasant topics for you! Thank you Mark.

Sounds like a wonderful way to get your time filled up @exyle.

Beats having clients do it for you 24 hours a day!

Glad you got to spend time with your mum before she went away. 😁


Beats having clients do it for you 24 hours a day!

haha! yes!

Really so lovely photography and your mom's smile is so innocent and looks she is so happy with you, very nice to see both of you and best wishes for you and mother.

Please tell your Mom I said "Hey!" and hope she is doing fine. All the best to you, your Mom and Bianca!


Thank you. Will do, Terry!

Lol, your family are loving your new found freedom!!

It is a good thing that you cooked dinner for everyone- with your cooking skills am sure it was delicious. Taking time out of your busy schedule to spend with family is good for your mental health. BTW you and your mum look great in that picture, I wish her a safe trip to France :)

Lol, from the way you sound, you seem to enjoy been able to help your family out. Besides they must know youre the mushy brother to get all that attention. Your mom looks good too.

that would be of the dear life friend @exyle, if we could not share our time with our relatives, it is true that sometimes you want a free time without them and when it happens you are thinking about it. You are fortunate in being able to cook for your mother. congratulations that rido friend for the great moment lived
I wish you a good start

I understand that as soon as I am free, people also try to allocate my time.

These family values are likely what caught the heart of your beloved Bianca! That love & wielding you have acquired will go a very long way in your own family life as you carry on your own journey. Many a man would be wise to bend to the wantings of their mother's & female partners. Haha, you're welcome for my 2 cents on the matter!!! Beautiful snap of you and your Mom 💖

Lovely to read a blog which is personal. I'm quite new on Steemit and see a lot about money and how to invest etc.
This blog is breath of fresh air and had to laugh about your last sentence. Enjoy it while you can ! ;-)


I usually do a mix of everything when it comes to posting.


I saw that.

Come on! Admit it! You enjoy doing things for your family! I think it is great that your mom thinks you are a good enough cook to have everyone over for dinner! lol Kids are picky eaters at the best of times. When mine were small the only way they would eat rice was if it was a pudding and had lots of raisins and cinnamon! Ice cream is everyone favourite! Can't blame Sam. Babysitting an older niece can be fun too. Maybe more because they usually ask lots of questions...

You're Mom is so lovely and you both are very photogenic :)


haha! thanks!

Rice sounds so good right now, I'm really not doing my self any favors looking at this while I'm fasting.

You know you're good at something when your peers/family are asking you to do it while being inconspicuous about it. Hope you get a good rest keep it up

You and @clio look good together! Good family shot!

Yeah moms have the habit to make everybody get together and have dinner, damn it is good that they do that :D

But I think we succeeded this time, lol.

True! She looks happy!
you time is very valuable. Where else you should fill it up other than steemit lol? Great f course your family. Wishing your mom the best!

Lol some magic mom mastery, well there are many who feel awkward looking at their own pictures, family seems to often think of ways to filling up ones time perhaps its why many dont have the time to work on themselves @exyle

@exyle, I appreciate you bcuz you loving to mom yet. Some adults sons and daughters forget their parents after spend family life. But you every free time went to see mother. Mother's love most valuable love around the planet. I saw she's so smiling with his son. Nice time you spend for me It was memorable moment.

It was a great day because you cooked for all your family you divirtio to do and spent pleasant time with them, that's the best thing in life to share those pleasant moments! Your mom and you look great. :)

O my God!! She is so pretty till now. Nice hair style. She is looking happy because her child is with her. Always I say you are a happy man. really. You are so helpful also for your family.
This is mind blowing steepshot. Thanks Sir for sharing a wonderful day.

Does she know she’s famous now? 😆

That is indeed great .Passing time with family.Those memories are indeed great.While hope she have a safe journey to France .

You are really good at doing some cooking brother. She is looking so good like seriously, you really look alike, you resemble your mom so much. Show us the dinner already.

feeling great to see your MOM....and yeah she is looking perfect ...and it would be better if we could see what you had in dinner. Have a great day

That’s so lovely! I miss my family, I wish I was with them, sometimes to achieve some dreams you need to give up something! That’s how I cheer myself up 😢

That's what it's all about my man. Good times and food with the people you care about most. Excellent way to spend the weekend.

Best wishes,

Amazing spending time with the family is so important!

You and mummy looking so cute with that smile on both of you faces..... #Sweetlove

I made a huge pot of rice with tons of goodies.

I wanted to ask if it was a party lol,
would have come to take my share ☺......
My regards to them all.

Nice picture, you look a lot like your mother, @exyle.

This is so kind of you @exyle. I wish your mother a safe trip. Mother can be very magical when it comes to sweet talking and it's cool I'm not the only one affected by the spell. You have a good looking mom @exyle

Gathered with family is a world of favors that can not be denied, can not be replaced with anything in this world. Your smile with your mother is a smile of happiness

@exyle you are very lucky still your mother hands are on you and you are having much testing of her hands cooking .may God keeps her healthy.

Hhhhh she is like me! I also think I dont look good in photos. But believe me you guys look great :)

beautiful picture my friend great post 👏😎

We certainly had a nice time together. Your rice (nasi) was fantastic and we all enjoyed it very much. I'm glad I could persuade you to cook for us, and I'm glad you liked doing it.

That was really a perfect and beautiful picture you got that looks nice :) must be an amazing time cooking some delicious food for the family :D

Looking good fammmm.