Brasil through to the quarter final!

in exyle •  5 months ago


Haha, I hope she doesn't mind me putting this picture here but that is one big smile!

The reason ofcourse is pretty simple!

Brazil is still in world cup after an amazing victory against Mexico!

We watched the game with our friends in Rotterdam again.

This time it was even more mental because the Mexican supporters were there too!

Lot's of singing and cheering on both sides!

So much fun!

Brazil, after a start were they were under pressure from Mexico really pulled through in the second half where they started to really play as a team.

It's very promising for the rest of the tournament!

Next they will face Belgium or Japan!

I can't wait!

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That smile is worth publishing, it's a victory that Brazil still continues in the cup, that country next door, with my beloved Venezuela that I love so much, good that you two enjoy the triumph of Brazil. I bless you both, keep enjoying this world cup. Greetings Bianca, a very nice smile, both make a beautiful couple. Dear @exyle


Thank you!

I'm happy seeing Brazil won at last, like I have foresaw, I see them reaching semi finals of the tournament.

Congratulations, my friend and all the fans, with the victory of the Brazilian national team, this convincing victory has shown to everyone that Brazil is in great shape and will show us many more convincing victories. We are waiting for the next opponent! Thank you Mark.

Brazil is still in world cup after an amazing victory against Mexico!

I watched it as well. They didn’t disappoint so far. I bet Bianca is really proud. Can’t wait for Brazil to play against Belgium. That’s my prediction. Even though Japan playing very well as I’m watching now. Anyway, It will be exciting to watch.


Your prediction was correct!

Brazil play more better football and are more tactically sound in terms of their approach to the game . Congratulation to the brazilian team for winning their game against mexico



Congratulations to Bianca! I'm also so happy like you because i support Brazil. Very lovely smiling to both of you,nice to see. Really it's an amazing victory against Maxico, in the second half i was very tensed and then when saw the goal of Neymar then 90% confirm Brazil will win and they done it , hope they will go to the final .

Haha yes its a big grin and no surprise, Portugal is out and Britain is still in things are getting crazier but indeed a big win for Bianca in a superb finish from the Brazilian side but as expected from them @exyle

Bianca should not mind this photo! She has a beautiful smile! This looks like just so much fun. Nicaragua is not into Football so they don't broadcast the games...


Thank you! I like the smile too :) It's a lot of fun. Sorry to hear you can't watch at the moment.


Me too! They are not for sports here except for a bit of baseball :{

I watch now Japan versus Belgium . All my heart is for Japan , I remember how hard they fight everytime , their mentality and spirit inspire me in my life. Football now gives so much emotions.

Man @anomadsoul will be disappointed. He has been traveling following the WC and I have been following him on steemit :-)

In his last post he shared that he was running low on cash I think he spent like 115 bucks just for the ticket and had to sell some steem for it. Gotta love him for the love he shows to his team :-)

He is a true fan so he'll take it in stride I guess..............

Well our friend @anomadsoul will be pretty sad, I'm loving your selfie with Bianca, so Cheers, and celebrate well 😂😂

I watched the match too and am so glad Brazil prevailed. All my support is for them and I hope they make it to the final and win the cup.Congratulations to the Brazilian team and all of their fans :)


I hope so too! Next game will be tough against Belgium!

Next they will face Belgium or Japan!



Brasil is the best team 2018.I support Brasil.

It sure was a great match to watch and liked it very much !

Neymar did very well today without a doubt !

Also very excited because he has always supported the Brazilian team, for me the best team. Congratulations.

I don't know why but I see Brazil out of the world cup soon..

Still here for an engagement post. No pressure though lol

It's great to have a team to support. Lucky for you the Netherlands didn't qualify. Maybe next time it wont be so easy.

I think brasil is the best team in this world cup, they must seize the opportunity and win the cup.

yeah A big win for Bianca what a superb finish from the Brazilian side it a big match but it takes the experience though.

I have not been very informed about the World Cup this year, but my favorite team has always been BRAZIL! I'm glad is your team as well haha!

That's awesome update the players played really well this world cup is getting interesting with each match :)

yes,brazil is very good,i am very fan neymar and philip cotinho,hopefully brazil can get to the final!!!!!

Was it ever in doubt @exyle? I suppose with all the surprises in this world cup anything is possible. Glad you're both making the most of it anyway. 😊

Congratulations friends.

Brazil are hot favorites now with germany going home.

My prediction for today's game will be Japan 2 belgium 1

O hoo! Really very happy for Brazil. They played wonderful against Mexico and despite Ochoa making so many saves they fired in 2 goals. One by Neymar and the other from Firmino. Mexico played good too but couldn't match Brazils legacy. For me the sad player was Willian. Played lovely and assisted one goal. Thanks for sharing@exyle.