And there I was with an empty bank account...

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I went to get gas for my car today.

After filling up I wanted to pay with my debit card.

I typed in my number and waited for the confirmation beep but the machine gave an error after a while.

The lady at the counter looked at me in a sad way and said...

"It says you don't have enough on your account".

It was strange because this morning I checked my banking app and there was enough on it.

I paid in cash instead.

Going back to my car I checked the banking app and it was cleared out.


I checked where the money had gone and it was taken to pay for my credit card.

I went to my credit card app to find out a fairly large sum of money was taken by a company.

(I can't say which one, I wrote them a email, could still be a mistake, I bought stuff there before, but this was a renewal).

Then I called my Credit Card company.

I got help from a lovely lady who informed me this stuff happens all the time and if I don't hear from the company soon I can fill in a form and I most likely will get the money back.

That settled my nerves a bit but I wasn't too happy (I hate that unknown feeling that you might be getting screwed.)

I do wonder how often things go wrong with a credit card in general. This was my first time.

Must admit, it made me a bit weary about it.

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That is kind of scary, I hope that it's quickly resolved and you get your money back.
Now I have to check my credit card if there is something wrong with it xD

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I feel this is the most empowering thing about cryptos. As long as your keys are secure, no one gets to randomly take your money. Ever. This truly makes your money belong to you and no one else.

Oh shit! That's unnerving. I hope it all works out for you. Someone stole my bil's info from the trash and opened a new cc account with it! These scammers are so frustrating!


I don't think it's identity theft, I'm still hoping for a mistake. Your story sounds scary!

Youch, that sucks. Sorry to hear. I know how you feel, I had customer support refuse to credit over $1400 worth of Bitcoin the other day - I wrote a post here about it and they responded and eventually fixed it when I submitted it on Reddit.

Hopefully it's an error on their part and they'll undo it. If it works out fine, it still sucks that they can just take money from your account on their own initiative. Crypto push system is preferable to banking pull system.

Will blockchain make this situations better or worse?

But this how old banking system works :)) ... Take and not say nothing why they was take it.... and if you have not used this cart a week or 4 weeks they have ben happy and sayd in in the office to each other that it was a good deal :)

That's really very sad one, praying for you that you are able get all of the money back.



That's fiat for ya...

I watched Frank Abagnale give a speech about this... you should always use a credit card if you can as that's the banks money at risk and if something bad happens they sort it out very quickly. If it's a debit card on the other hand then it's your money at risk and the investigation generally goes slower. I think Europe is a bit different fortunately.


Let's see, the money was taken from the CC. I just pay my CC with Debit every month.

It’s not fun when you get screwed or scammed like that. Sometimes you wonder why bad things happen to good people... 😔

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Ouch!! I had similar once. They took money for a computer I had never purchased. I got it back in two days I think. They do seem quite good that way!


Cool, from all the responsive I think I have a good shot now.

That's why I hate renewals the only ones I have is for internet and utility.

I did something for free on the internet too with a creditcard but I got screwed every few hours an euro till my prepaid run out. I searched it and stopped it but never got the money back. It wasn't that much though. If I need something I just put it on there.

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I have seen this too many times and have heard of horror stories of kids with substantial amounts of debt due to identity theft! Institutions seem to be good with resolving and giving back the money but consider that it takes time invested to resolve in addition to the bad experience but also they ultimately chargeback the merchants which ultimately loses if they indeed sent or sold the product. Shows the strength of blockchain technology!

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This situation scared me, I went immediately to check my bank account, thankfully everything was as supposed to.

Lucky you had money with you.... I can only imagine your face/reaction!

Next time pay with crypto. ;)

Yet another example of why the fiat banking system is doomed!

An empty bank account. Did you convert too much into SP? ;)

Hope it all works out. Typically CC-companies help you out with that stuff. Good luck!


Good to hear. Thanks!

Those lovely third parties I guess, but don't worry, we'll use crypto one day :)

Wow man, that’s rough...I’m sorry to hear that😕 I hope you get your money back🤞🏾I have some friends where stuff like this has happened to them before. Personally, it’s never happened to me though.

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It's my first time. It will be alright. And thanks!

I've had that before, not a nice feeling at all. Apparently I'd purchased 3000 euros worth of carpets or rugs in Luxembourg on my debit card. Err, no!

They refunded either the same day or the next day which I thought was pretty cool. I hope you get your cash back!


It's good to hear you got refunded! I think I have a good chance.


Never been to Luxembourg and never bought any carpet!


Not only not in Luxemburg but in no other place in the universe, either?


Never :)

I don't like being an adult if I can help it.


Well, I hate shopping for that kind of items, too. To me, IKEA is purgatory.
$rewarding 15% 15 min


must have been some nice rugs...

Well hope you get the amount Back !!

It's gonna work out.

Must be frustrating, hope you get some resolution.

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damm hopefully they credit it back and never repeat this kind of stuff

It happens a lot more these days than you would think. Actually, I think it is pretty much an everyday occurrence. Not for me personally, but for someone in the world. So much so that a lot of the companies don't even make you fill in a form anymore. You just call them up, verify your ID and then tell them you didn't pay for whatever. I had an incident the other day where I used my card in two cities that are two hours apart in the same day. After the second city they put a hold on my card and I didn't find out until two days later. They were just trying to protect me, so I didn't mind, but it was still an inconvenience. I hope they get everything all sorted out for you.

My most inconvenient moment is my Debit card expiring on me for the Christmas Holiday, I was stranded and got abit desperate. I also had to deal with the fact that both the bank and card company had its replacement fee plus the annual deduction fees for use of the card. Its not easy but these are the things one have to put up with at times

A similar thing happened to me about a month ago only it was a smaller amount. I bought a couple of ice scrapers for my wife and I for around $20 USD from a vendor, paid with a credit card, and I discovered two months (and two credit card charges) later the vendor set me up on automatic reoccurring payments (even though there was no reason to do so -- even Minnesotans don't need a new ice scraper every month.) In the end all was good, my credit card company reversed the charges but it leaves me many people don't notice this on their statements and continue paying the fraudulent charge? I hope you don't have too many problems getting this sorted out.

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