A Steem account for only $2 (with Creditcard!) with 15 SP delegation thanks to @oracle-d.

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Wow, @oracle-d is really stepping up to the plate offering an on-boarding service for new Steem accounts for only $2.

It's called Steem Ninja.

It even comes with a 15 SP delegation for 90days!

Read all about it here in their announcement post.

With Steem Ninja they have also introduced a referral service where you can earn 3SP delegation for 90 days for every friend you onboard:

Just use this link and add you username:


For Example:

For @exyle: https://account.steem.ninja/?ref=exyle

More Fiat entry points!

Next to Steem Monsters (Starterset + account creation) we now have another Fiat entry point to onboard new users to Steem.


I am part of witness @blockbrothers.

Please consider us for your witness vote if you think we deserve it here:

Vote for @blockbrothers via SteemConnect
Set blockbrothers as your proxy via SteemConnect

We are the creators of Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:


yes!!! this thing is awesome.

i tried it last night and grabbed a new account. it worked flawlessly.

huge shout out to the oracle d team for this winner.

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It's a great job indeed!

Its great for who are interested to come on this platform hope its inspired for upcoming user who are actually want to using.and its credit @oracle-d sir and also thanks sir @exyle for great initiative

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Think also at www.bitcoinmeester.nl when they have their automatic ideal to steem or any other coin you think of conversion. That works great only when I send my coins to steemit.com wallet it hangs somewhere. If they solve that one I'm just doing something wrong all the time. Then it will a simple ideal or other payment option to steem link.

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This is a great approach to add users that will appreciate their accounts more and potential actively engage more over time as, if like me, I want to get my money’s worth what I spend. Look forward to seeing how much traction this gets over time!

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Wow, that is pretty awesome. I was able to use a faucet to get my account when I first started on the platform, but the witness that was sponsoring that is long gone. Thanks for sharing this information. I think it will help a lot of people.

This is great news! I don't even know what was happening when i signed up 😂 in terms of delegations, honestly don't remember how long it took to get going. It was all so foreign. I just decided to do it! And, to not give up. Oh, and to have fun while i was at it. Which was why i enjoyed tuning into your blog. Now, here we are. Things are sure evolving!!! Come on #steem 2019 is your time to moon...zoom zoom! Nice hair cut ✔ btw, it looks a little different, looking sharp for the big wedding! Enjoy 🎉🎶

Ninja reminds me immediately of the bid bot, but this is something completely different. This is the step forward we needed to take the STEEM blockchain further ahead.

I'm curious to see the impact of something like this in the near future.

Steem Acounts should be in this stage already for free

I think that is the spirit that need to be share in the STEEM, help people to solve the problems that we have now, and create a place that almost zero entrance barriers.
Thanks for sharing!

Mark @exyle my apologies this morning for your SteemMonsters BattleField Set Back.................

Hi, @exyle!

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Wow this will accelerate things to a new level wonderful to have this update :)

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Yeah, have heard of it and it's a great initiative helping people getting signed up fast :)

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Good job.. It will help new peoples to create account easily.. Thank you.. @exyle

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