9 Ways to be extraordinary online

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In the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, the site is opening new user accounts. Everyone wants to present themselves differently online. But how? In this post we will learn some tips that will make you online.


1. Tell the truth

As you yourself, try to publish that information online. Indeed, personal email addresses are not meant to be spoken. If you do not want to use email for your office or study, use separate email for social media. One important thing is not to hide their actual identity online (Avoid Fake IDs).

2. Imagine yourself in another's place

Imagine yourself as an audience around your audience or virtual world in various online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Think of it, if you treat others like you do the same behavior with you, it will look good or bad for you. Contact the people online with the idea from here.

3. Learn about your interest

Keep a good idea about the topics you are interested in. This will help you with your workplace and your friends.

4. Forget the arrogance

Shake pride, pride or pride from yourself. As we have seen in real life, very few people would like to "take extra care" or "take part". Similar to online Try as much as you are expert or expert on a particular topic, use it appropriately. For example, think, someone asked on Facebook "what does computer mean?"; If you answer this way, "Hey Mia, do not even know this, what are you coming to Facebook? Computer money - calculator "; In this way, without saying this arrogant voice, "Computer Money Counting Machine" would have been the same! (Are you surprised to see this example? If you keep your eyes open, you will get worse than this.)

5. Avoid repeat

Repeat posting repeatedly to the same content. If you hit a post too much, it may feel annoying to others if you are reposting it. But if there is any important information, they can be later linked to brief status. Keep in mind that, seeing the same thing twice or more times, the public will not take it well enough.

6. Do the job

Try to solve the problem of others. You can get solutions by sharing your problems. Avoid this status as "I just got breakfast" or "do not bathe today".

7. Use language according to the audience

Know Your Audiences If you write children's content, use them for easy, soft language. If your visitor is adult, highly educated then post it in mind.

8. Take the front of the eyes

Reach the reader to the conjunction of the picture and text of what you want to say. Often, a picture can bear more than just 500 or more word articles. So be visual.

9. Be unique

As you are, you are Your personal characteristics will present you different from others. Find out your strong and weak places. Think of others not only in the online world but also busy doing the job. Come forward to the benefit of others.

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