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Creative SEO services Ideas and Analysis

Now a days SEO Service is very important due to increase a serious level Competitor. We know there are many freelance websites such as upwork, freelancer, people per hour, Guru or Gig Sites. You can find million types of freelancer for fixed price job. May be some SEO services or SEO professional you already hired. Even some big feedback company you hired.Extor ensure you 99% that services are bad. They do not provide you real SEO services. But you did a great feedback that time.similar many other customer did same like you! After a year you already see no improvement and nothing. Then you get the clear idea what services they provide you.

What need to hear us

So hear us before hiring anyone and learn the SEO services. If you want something special you have to learn SEO services day by day. SEO does not work like you will hire Today, Tomorrow and stop hiring after a month. If you think real life example: Today you set up an office. And you hired some employee and after a month you fired the employee without giving them the opportunity to do something for you. In this case even the employee has created, they cannot show you something what they can do. So if you fired too frequently then you cannot see any improvement. And we also ensure your company no more grow must be down day by day!

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Why your SEO concept not working

You know the only reason you don’t want to invest money for a long time. Well, if you have plans like that. Surely Extor SEO services not for you. Only who understands the reality of SEO and They have an SEO budget from some other business source. Also long time keep doing and want to see good improvement day by day. Then the SEO services for you. By the way. We have a package for you with a fixed price. This type of package helps you to reach your audience.

What is Extor Advice for Successful business developers?

if you are serious. You must spend time to understand SEO. If you don’t have the time that is fine. Hire any trust company where you can trust them for a long time. Of course they should have research ability. Some proven track record. But keep in mind, anyone can show bad or fake portfolio. So you need brain storming. By any mean, if you do not have any time you can hire us. Because we are always honest with our customer. No matter who you are. We have already left some millionaire company, SEO development even paying a good monthly SEO price.

What type of client Extor is looking for?

Extor looking for the client who already have a high end Adwords budget. Maybe they have proven Adwords setup, but the cost really high and getting less clicks. In this case Extor here to help them. Extor always looking for understandable client. Who’s thinking not overnight. Just start today and want to grow up years to years. They must know Extor have the enough research ability to success their project. In this case We can help the company day by day with a proven screenshot from google webmaster and Google Analytics. We also know many people don’t understand the depth how SEO to see Google analytics and webmaster. We are always ready to help. So you get clear idea.

Another type of client who hired year to year some local company. And after few years, finally see nothing working or big grow up. But paid a lot. And want something special with analytics and research based SEO. Then it is also perfect for them. Our most clients who are great failure all the time by hiring so people. Then finally come to us. We never want new client who does not put trust on our work.

What type of SEO client Extor is never looking for?

Who never try to understand SEO. Want some overnight ranking. Or within 3 month want everything in Top page. If you are one of them. Still welcome to our site. You can take some of our SEO consulting services. And try yourself. If finally failed forever. Then please try us.

How Extor provide you guarantee?

The concept is simple before we do anything we always research competitor. If a competitor grows up right way with their strategy, we have to follow their strategy. Because whatever competitor did they are successful. With the same concept whatever we are doing, we will success then. Because competitor doing the same thing.

Extor have almost 10 years research based experienced work with different type of client with a different understanding. Until today we do not see their success by any mean. And we see the lacking they never understand what is the reality of the SEO development. That is why multiple way they are cheated by a freelancer or company. Then finally find us and start their project long time. And of course they are now growing as long they are working with Extor.

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