Why I’ll never be against bullfighting

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There is no better place than Steemit to tell you this, because the premise of #Steemit is that all our articles/blogs stay here forever, or at least as long as the existing internet structure exists and/or gets copied/modernized and still be accessible to all, like it is now.


I love this possibility because it challenges people, like Steemit challenges me when I say something on here, because even though when I (personally) speak to someone in real life/in person, I do that following all the T.C.P.A. Formulas because they have become engrained in my DNA. When somebody is speaking to me in real life, most of the time they are not conscious of this fact, but typing things and/or putting words under the T.C.P.A. Consultancy umbrella on the internet immediately sets the tone (at least for me) that everything said is conforming the Peace and Prosperity Equation and the 5P-Management Principles and Philosophy-Formula. Or else, why am I writing all this stuff?

So, when I say on here “I am never going to be against bull fighting”, I am doing this of course because it is my personal opinion, and in real life I will stand by it, no matter if the mayority of people stand against it, because I believe in the beauty of that horrendous natural act that man (= as in humans) partake in, because it is a natural act and keeps humanity grounded with nature, by doing something that belongs to the natural world; killing to survive.

And I say this under the T.C.P.A. Consultancy name, because this act does not go against the premise of neither of the Formulas.

I also say this, as someone that actually went to a bull fighting arena in Madrid and saw with my own eyes the killing of bulls before a public. I also cheered with the native Españolas when a bullfighter couldn’t kill a bull immediately with the dignity it deserves, which actual bull fighting is all about. Because you see; to accept nature is to accept that we cannot make lions become vegetarians or vegans species. Of course, we can try and maybe even succeed in making lions become pandas, but what are we then truly achieving?

I am not a carnivor, I am an omnivore, and I personally choose not to eat meat everyday and/or eat animal products every day. Will I stop entirely from not eating meat? Most probably not, because purely I don’t believe that humanity will achieve in my lifetime the level of recreating every single aspect of taste/smell/feel/texture of all the meat/animal based products available. Eating animals is not wrong. The way we are collectively treating animals and our World is!

So, I totally respect the opinion of Vegans or “plant based people” how they feel about eating meat, because I understand their disgust of eating meat/life that has been treated poorly. If you come to me that you also feel the “death energy” in the meat when eating them, then I understand that psychologically meat disgusts you, and you project “the fear of death” unto meat, which is a great thing, because in the current status of the World, the less we consume meat the better, and if a group of people decides to totally ban meat and/or animal products in their life, more power to them, and the more our World can heal itself, and not turn into a hot planet with no livable atmosphere.

The only problem I do have with the current “vegan/plant based” (generalized collective) mentality is that it’s still based on a consumption mentality, as in, people are exchanging their “binge meat eating” to “binge plant eating”. With the last group actually being and living a more healthier life, but collectively, they’re still fucking up our World, because they’re still eating worse than pandas, while “wanting to live a life” like pandas.


So, to me, bull fighting is a dangerous sport where humans play with an animal in essence to the death, just like when two human boxers or MMA fighers go in a ring to “KO” each other as opponents, in where both know beforehand that one of them could die because of a wrong blow. Now, humans of course don’t have this verbal arrangement with the bulls, but it’s also not like the bulls don’t have a choice not to attack, and that’s what the bull fighting sport is showing us, animals will always react based on their natural instinct, because that bull just doesn’t want that person in their neighborhood and the bulls charges to either scare and/or kill their “opponent” for that territory, and we, as humans, because of the consciousness we have gathered/received, we choose in the bull fighting sport to kill our territory opponent with a comparable object that they themselves (naturally) use to attack us, but using a man-made object and doing the act in the most respectable manner.

A lion wouldn’t care to kill respectably, it just wants to kill the fastest way possible and with the least amount of personal injury.

Bull fighting shows the choice we as humans have in the interaction with nature.

Of course, you can argue that we can then show that we can stand even above killing. But then, aren’t we going to fool ourselves that death isn’t a part of life? Even if we can discover a means to achieve immortality of our bodies/mind, wouldn’t that reality still mean that we have come to postpone a natural fact? Because even when we achieve body/mind mortality, it would only mean that we have discovered a mean to pause the inevitable.

In essence, immortality is a human made concept that doesn’t exist in the (universal) natural order.

Prolonging the happening of the inevitable is one of the most sensual thoughts and missions in life to have, but one must realize that what is inevitable will always and forever stay as a piece of reality that cannot be erased, only put on hold, for however long that period lasts, it will become a period that is on hold for something that should’ve have happened, already.

Professional and honest bull fighting keeps humanity grounded with both feet on our planet. Professional bull fighting is not about killing for pleasure, it’s not about wasting life, it’s about celebrating the brutality of life that we humans have come to try to control, in an outmost respectable way, if done right.

That’s not something to abolish or prohibit, but to cherish and build upon.



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