Maqta Gateway launches first blockchain technology for trade community

in #export6 years ago

Maqta Gateway, a wholly owned subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Ports has launched Silsal, a blockchain solution to provide a seamless and secure link between stakeholders across the trade community. The solution will combine blockchain technology and unique digital user identities.

The introduction of blockchain technology has drastically changed the mechanism of workflow in cross-border trade which can help in improving overall customer experience without compromising the safety of sensitive information.

Silsal was conceived to address the gap in the market for exporters and importers, to provide easy public access to transaction status updates, reduce the need for paperwork, calls and physical visits, as well as to speed up information exchanges. Initially, the technology will be offered to freight forwarders and their customers, and subsequently extended to the rest of the trade community as a complementary tool to the existing mPCS, Maqta’s Port Community System.

However, Maqta Gateway is not a unique case of introducing international trade to Blockchain. Export.Online is also a vivid example of such platform. It is built to provide the track of export details, instant assessment of the reputation of the counterparties, monitoring of very important global exhibitions. Overall. Export.Online is one of the most popular projects based on Blockchain technology.


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