Australia’s First Blockchain Supply Chain System Unveiled at Port of Brisbane

in #export6 years ago

The Australian arm of ‘big four’ consulting giant PwC made an announcement of a new ‘trade community system’ based on Blockchain.
The culmination of years of a joint-effort between PwC Australia, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) and the Port of Brisbane, the ‘Trade Community System’ has been launched as a proof-of-concept app today to improve international trade efficiency by linking supply chain information over Blockchain.

The blockchain platform will focus on productivity while reducing costs and the complexity of international trade by reducing duplication and human errors through digitization wherein all recorded information is shared on a continually reconciled decentralized ledger rather than being in binders at individual companies involved in the supply chain.

However, Australian example is not the only one. Export.Online is an international trading platform aimed at solving the existing problems and difficulties of exporters associated with the start and conduct of activities in international trade. The project combines disparate tools and databases in one-stop-shop mode, allowing clients to reduce their time for preparation and execution of an international transaction by more than 3 times and improve the efficiency of their business by increasing the productivity of employees. It is not necessary to have a large staff or to independently look for different professionals on outsourcing, it is enough to connect to the Export.Online platform and implement the entire process there.


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