Exploring India:- The Beautiful Railway Station Of India Is Here.

in exploring •  5 months ago

Hello my Friends and Followers welcome back to my blog.
I post the images after long time so I think this photo will be like to you. Without wasting the time let's take a look of that Beautiful Railway Station.
This Railway Station is located in Goa and Karnataka border. Name of the Railway Station is "karwar Railway Station".
Now take a look of this Railway Station.
The Railway Station is covered with hills so it look more beautiful in rainy session.
In this railway station all Train will stopped because it is located in between Goa and Karnataka.
I have another Image of this Railway Station but the mode is different so take a look of this image also
Comment below which photo you like and give one like for more this type of photos and now you can follow me so as I said I will follow you back.
Have fun guys and have good day

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