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sorry for the noob question but i really dont understand the difference of this..


I do search on the exchanger to see the price between this sbd & steem but they are different price



Can anyone help or give some suggestion on comments section so others will also see
Thankyou all more power


It's okay to ask questions @Kebin. The steemit platform reward members, who make meaningful contributions, in 3 ways; allocation of steempower (SP), steem (STEEM) and steem dollars (SMD). Steem (STEEM) represents ownership . It is a blockchain based token for the steemit platform. Stteem dollars (SMD) ,however, are short-term debt instruments ,which back up STEEM tokens. Steem dollars (SMD) are created to bring about some form of price stability to the steemit network. Every SMD is usually worth about 1 USD. I hope this explanaition helps you. For further information, read pages 8 to 10 of the steemit white paper . Cheers and steem on !

Thank you that was very helpful

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1 SBD is worth cca 1$ but I suggest waiting the price range at about 1.4$ like today's before you sell.

Thankyou i do some research now ..

Thankyou for your question .. and also thankyou for all the answer now i have also some idea about sbd and steem

Yes thanks to them who share their knowledge

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