Laboratoy Hotel (Front Office)

Being a Front Office clerk is one of the most important things as far as hotel operations go. physical appearance is just one thing, there is so much more than meets the eye. The front desk is the heart of the hotel operations, Nothing goes past the Front Desk without any supervision. Hence there is a lot of work going in the Front desk and the clerks are one of the most important assets of the hotel. It is the one who greets the guests first. First impression is an important thing in the Tourism Industry, that's why the front desk should be well trained and groomed.

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Wow excited to experience like that hopefully soon

A great smile could give a very good impression.😊

smile is important..

yah tough job but stressful....need to hide it to your guest that your tired, need to smile all the time lol

thats right..

Nice work... love your posts

thank you maam :)

The frontliners :) Good job!

Need to be so extra cool if your in the front desk. patience and more patience 😊

extra extra cool.. haha

Always put on your big smile!!! 😊😄

yes i will :)

Great photos! Continue sharing what you do. Upvoted! :)

thank you po :) will do the same..

Great Job guys :) You really love what you are doing :)

i really do :)

You are right! First impression lasts.

it really does..

nice one bro.

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