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RE: Selling Out: Using Ads to Understand the Past

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This is a great lens to investigate the city's past through! I'm also ashamed to admit that you just now reminded me about the Super Bowl... so clearly I'm not paying attention to the ads all around me...

Anyway, I am most intrigued by your observation that the ads have so much more text in the 1918 newspapers. It does seem a lot more common to me, too. Is it possible that might be related to the cost of printing images, or photoduplication processes?


I also wonder when photographs instead of illustrations first became part of newspaper print ads.

Thank you! I only know because I have some friends who are pretty serious Eagles fans. :)

That's probably another consideration as well! Especially since the majority of images, at least that I saw, were drawings, which I imagine are more work intensive (and thus more expensive) than taking a photo.