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Experty is a new company that will be offering a new software platform in which people can get paid for their expertise, much like the old 1-900 numbers in which you could talk to someone for a per minute fee. With Experty anyone could offer their knowledge for a per minute fee without a middle man or contract. Experty utilizes blockchain technology to allow an easy payment system for exchange between a knowledge provider and a knowledge seeker. Payments are automatically paid to the knowledge provider via the blockchain cryptocurrency technology as the knowledge provider sets a per minute fee which is paid for by the knowledge seeker with their cryptocurrency.

Experty works by the knowledge provider sharing his/her call link on any social media platform that they choose. For instance they could add a QR code to their website along with time availabilities for anyone to call them as long as they are willing to pay the fee which will be displayed. The knowledge seeker will only have to pay for the exact minutes he spends on the phone and he/she knows that they will speak to the person they want directly without unwanted hassles.

The company themselves state in their white paper that their main purpose of the project is to offer an avenue to connect two or more people so that they may conduct a paid knowledge exchange via online voice or video call. They will have a desktop, mobile and web application that users can use to connect with each other on as well as a free text messaging feature for possible negotiations with the knowledge provider before the actual call takes place. But once the call does take place and conclude knowledge providers will receive an instant payment.
You can view the white paper here

I like the opportunities that this new application will provide. Maybe you are a contractor and want to offer your knowledge with someone trying to complete a construction project. Or maybe you are a Online Language Teacher in which currently you have to go through a middle man type company to receive clients and get paid. Now you would be able to find your own clients and get paid directly without having to go through their system. I have heard of Online Teachers losing their jobs due to the area they lived or internet connection because of the company they worked for had certain internet connection standards.

Please check out this video for more information


Wow, this is a great idea. Looking forward to seeing it. Can't wait, when is it starting??

HI! The program is set to launch the first quarter of this year.

That's great, I'll be waiting