Grown crystals

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Hello users Steemit my name is Dennis and I would like to share with you an interesting experiment I think many in the childhood did so. So Try to build up your crystals)))) It's fun and funny.

Need: Salt, water, wire.
Experience: to get the crystals, you need to prepare a supersaturated solution of salt is one in which when adding new portions of the salt dissolves. Thus it is necessary to keep the solution warm. To have the process go better, it is desirable that the water was distilled. When the solution is ready, it should be poured into a new container to get rid of the debris that is always in salt. Next, a solution you can omit the wire with a small loop on the end. Put the jar in a warm place, the liquid was cooled slowly. After a few days on the wire will grow beautiful salt crystals. If you get the hang of it, it is possible to grow fairly large crystals or patterned DIY twisted wire.
Explanation: With the cooling water, the solubility of salt is reduced, and it begins to precipitate and settle on the walls of the vessel and on your wire.

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Hello everyone And good mood ))



This is a very interesting experiment In childhood did :-)

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