An Experiment in Growing Accounts: Seeking 200+ Participants

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So, the simple form of this Experiment is for you to Delegate 50SP to me to grow my Vote's Power. Out of the Delegators, I will make a list to randomize. Every day I will try to seek about 20 Delegators to receive a 100% Upvote on a recent Post that has not reached payout. I will look over these recent Posts for quality and make suggestions for Edits (if needed) to earn the 100% Upvote. Nobody will receive the Upvote more than once until the entire list is done (those that don't post will be removed for that time-period and added back during the next Cycle).

If I can reach that 200 Delegator level of participation at 50+SP per Delegation, I will have more than 10K SP Delegated for Voting Power. I will self-vote my own Posts to grow my own Account as wel... growing my own account would be beneficial to the overall Upvote.

Outside of the actual Delegation, I would only ask 3 things of each Participant:

  1. Power Up 100% to grow your own Steem Power until you have at least 500 Steem Power.
  2. Comment and Respond to Comments to earn more.
  3. Send .001 SBD with a Memo saying "Experiment Delegation Notification". That way you don't slip through the cracks.

I'd like to Thank everyone who chooses to participate! I hope this will quickly allow all of our Accounts to grow through this process. I will write update posts throughout the year to show the progress that the participants have made.

Comment here to let me know what you think of this Experiment!

A big Thank You


Wow!! Lol hehe

That is awesome!

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