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Since past 3 days, I've been trying to think up about what I'd wanna invest my life into 100%. I still didn't get the answer.

Now the next step is to try out all the things there are to try. Eyeing cooking right now.

But before going on that adventure, I'm left wondering...

Purpose Of Life

What's really driving me to do it?
What's the purpose of my life?


These past few months I've been mostly detached from the world, in that: I've stayed indoors, don't watch the news, haven't had any experiences of getting to know new people etc.

I'm guessing that's why I don't have a "purpose"? Because neither am I competing with anybody, nor am I trying to "keep up".

The only purpose I can see right now to do anything is fear.

Fear of having to sleep on the roads, of having to be hungry and other stuff that I'm privileged enough to avoid, thanks to my dad's hard work.

This reminds me of what Gary Vee constantly says: Adversity makes you wanna thrive.
Having it easy doesn't motivate anybody to create or work on anything. If you don't have any adversity (being poor etc.) then create one.

I don't know how to go about doing that. So if you've any idea regarding that, I'll appreciate your suggestions.

The other purpose is satisfaction, or the joy of doing things.

I can find this only by trying new things.
Oh, we just went full circle...

Well. Looks like I don't have any purpose of continuing to write this post anymore.

So I'll reminisce a little instead.

Back when...

I was in my hometown, I used to play badminton with my close friend - SK.
He's really good at it. He used to kick my ass in it, eyes closed.

So he was my competitor in badminton.

That, and the fact that we used to play almost everyday, forced me to actually get good at that sport. Even though I wasn't that into it.
But as I improved, I started to love the game. I got so good, at one point, that I even defeated him.

But then he got better and he now still kicks my ass (and this time probably eyes closed and hands tied.)


Having a competitor does work out great in producing results, having fun, and taking your mind off of unnecessary existential questions.

But how can you have a competitor for "life"? I can't go on comparing my income, assets, net worth, level of "happiness" and whatnot with my friend. That would wreck disaster on my peace of mind. It's not reasonable. Unless I wanna live a life of constant worry and zero friends.

This shows competition works best in competitive sports and shouldn't be applied elsewhere. (comment if I'm wrong)

That means, when it comes to life, I gotta focus on myself. Whatever makes me feel good, I should do more of that and improve in it, just so I can be more happier.

I've been talking a lot. I should do first and then see where it leads me.

Hopefully, the next few posts will be about the my experiences of trying things out, because I've already sorted out the problem of "purpose".


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