There is from husband the benefits

in #experience4 years ago

In the Turkish language there is a funny ending "mouse / mush", it is used when someone's words are transmitted or when something unexpected happens. Wanted you, for example, to cook eggs, BAM and eggs in the fridge is not found, then you comes to the aid of "mush" and you shout "Yumurta CMOS!"
In the last time in my life read "a mouse/mush" there is. In my house now su CMOS, Internet CMOS, knowing when all this will be CMOS and mood, respectively, CMOS.
To complete happiness, broke down the gate.
Standing, staring at her with sad eyes, a passing neighbor and so slyly wink: "where is your husband?"
"Husband ecmus," I tell him and I visited strange for my bachelor of consciousness conjecture. Look, fellow citizens, after all, from the husband have the benefit :)))))

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