The rudeat experience I had in movie theater

in #experience5 years ago

*** Warning: this answer contains sexual language ***

I once was working with a model for a series of B&W nude pictures, and for some studies of drawings. It must have been more than ten years ago. The model was not a pro: she modeled in her spare time, and was actually a (very good) lawyer, and she still is. She loved to undress, and being studied, which is an excellent thing in this line of work.

She was of exceptional beauty, so that was an other big plus.

Here is an actual picture I took from her in one of our first sessions:
After I had learned to know her quite well, she confessed to me that she had this fantasy about going to a sex movie theater in The Netherlands, but that she did not dare to do this on her own, and so she asked me to chaperone her. We were not even close to that country, and it did not happen.

Quite some time later, she was working in The Netherlands now, and I happened to be nearby for a couple of months, and she did another model job for me. She brought up the fantasy again, and we decided to try it out. And we did.

So on this one afternoon, we ended up in such a place.

The theater was very small — I guess it was made for about twenty moviegoers — and it was dark, and very warm. It also smelled a bit funny, like sweat.

The movie that was playing was of the hardcore porn type. But the idea was in fact very exciting to watch such a thing besides a good looking woman, whose plans and thoughts on this whole situation were very vague !

There were some older men in the room, maybe five or six, and most of them were jerking off. We did not look at them, but they had all seen HER.

After about 15 minutes or so (I was thinking it was almost time to go), one of these men simply came standing in front of her, with his (erected) dick out of his pants.

The situation was very awkward, and time seemed to be standing virtually still.

Then, in one very fast and graceful movement, she took a condom out of her purse, put it on the man, and gave him a blowjob !!!

He was finished in three minutes, she disposed of the used condom, and then asked me to leave, and have a coffee with her. Which I did.

I think the term “rude” could apply to a number of things that happened in there, for instance to the fact that that man came standing in front of her, with his thing out of his pants.

But for me, although it was exciting, maybe it even applies more to her, to what she did. I was just so baffled that she did that to/with an unknown man, while I was sitting there … (maybe I kind of hoped that I would do some modest sexual thing with her in that theater myself, who knows ? — or is that rude thinking of my behalf ?).

In any case: “going to the movies and then having a drink” never meant the same to me again !

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