Cryptocurrencies and Tokens to watch: Expanse EXP, Omisego OMG, Ripple XRP, Ethereum ETH, Bitcoin BTC, TenX PAY, Steemit STEEM, CVC, PIVX, NEO, EOS

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I will just share some personal thoughts and where I am at with my portfolio. This is not trading advice, just what I am personally doing. That said, here are my current holdings and what I am watching.


#1 Expanse is the project I am working on, so, of course, that is my main holding. We have plenty of amazing news on the way and Tokenlab coming soon. So what I would say to my friends and relatives, holding for news or for Tokenlab makes sense to me. Still way undervalued. Ledger, Partnerships, the ICO, lots on the way soon. Below is a White Paper we just released, check it out for yourself.


#2 Omisego has the Ethereum core team behind it and will be a unique blockchain with staking. I see this as a long term hold as staking will come later this year and I expect a lot more gains in the future with little risk of the price dropping much. So high potential rewards and low risk, that is a winner to me.


#3 Ethereum is the most likely candidate to succeed in the event Bitcoin stumbles, and with the ongoing drama, I find it likely some will seek shelter elsewhere and the number 2 market cap is the most obvious choice. Much of coinmarketcap is now ERC20 Tokens and projects based on Ethereum, this is not likely to change anytime soon and the Metropolis update is coming shortly.


#4 Ripple yes lots of people hate the bank coin, but Interledger Protocol is super interesting, and I always seem to make profits buying Ripple when I feel the time is right. I don't always hold it, but I have come back to trade it time and time again over the years and I always seem to do well trading it.


#5 Bitcoin, Segwit is coming, Bitcoin is needed for Alts, holding some Bitcoin makes sense. I don't think Bitcoin only makes nearly as much sense as it used to, but good to have some if you need it and certainly Bitcoin is not going to die, but the chain splitting stuff makes the future of it less certain than it used to be, at least for me.


#6 Pay, I like this one as they will be adding utility to other Blockchains and I have heard they have a great team, and even that Vitalik invested in it himself. (I heard anyway, not confirmed as some certain fact)


#7 Steem, this is winning the crypto social media angle by a long shot, it has the Network effect and will be hard to overcome as it has a lot of momentum. When EOS comes, certainly the tech will be used for Steemit. Now, I only hold the little Steem I get for blogging now and then, but why not?

There are also some others I don’t have right now but I am watching and will likely pick up in the future.

Civic CVC, PIVX PIVX, NEO NEO, Litecoin LTC, EOS EOS, and I was talked/tipped into an ICO for XFC that I am holding and hoping the best for. It is taking longer than I hoped, but if it works out I won’t care. That ICO is partially why I am watching some others as some funds are tied up in it and I just have to wait it out.


Would consider getting some STRAT. Nice list though :)

Strat is also good and Waves and others, I just don't have time to watch everything :)

James thanks for sharing. I think tokenlab will be expload. Also Wagerr is a solid project with a great future. Maybe we need to wait until January. Keep up the good job with your team.

When will OMG start using their own blockchain.

Great write up, James! Upvoted, reposted, and tweeted!

Hadn't heard of omisego, interesting. I'm building a position in NEO of late. Hold some LTC, ETH, STRAT and Steem from my post earnings.

Yes, add some OMG, it is a bit higher now but I can't imagine it won't be in the top 10 soon enough.

Excellent write-up! Up-voted!

It feels good to know that I'm holding those. :) Goodluck!

I hope EXP gets some more attention. It's got to be worth at least as much as ETC and I'm sure much more.

Very informative write up....

I'm holding three of the coins mentioned. I'm waiting for a spike so I can move money around to the others.

may i ask you where to store these asset? in each wallet or on certain wallet like jaxx or just save in exchanges?

In various Wallets, Myetherwallet is good for anything ETH and also works for EXP.

Oh, I did sell XRP with the rise, but I am sure it will rise again. Just keeping that in BTC at the moment. 4k-6k was good enough for me.

Hi James, nice list of coins. I have been looking into a few of them as well. One question though, how do you feel about I see some of the influential speakers around who are either on the team or speaking positively on this project. As a decentralized casino seems like a legit concept to me I was wondering how you feel about this one.

Looking forward to your response!

I know Revv and the team so I suspect it will do well, but I have not read the White Paper and I don't have information on what they are trying to raise.