Horny Melon

in #exoticfruitthursday2 years ago (edited)

It’s time for Exotic Fruit Thursday! Which is some BS I just made up.

It’s not exotic fruit Thursday.

Except maybe now it is since I’m shoving this potentially exotic fruit in your face.

Hmm..exotic fruit Friday would’ve made more sense.

Anyway… have you ever seen a horned melon?

Or tried one?

Not gonna lie, I first saw this about 10 years ago, and called it a horny melon and laughed uncontrollably afterward because I was really mature.

I still refer to it as a horny melon because I’m still really mature.

It’s nothing like what you’d expect.

It’s green on the inside!

Sorry if I spoiled the surprise.

Would you try it?


That would make an awesome Mene Unboxing tool


That fruit reminds me of Bowser's bat.

haha HEY!!! You're back! =)

I actually think that I have tried that fruit before. Funny enough, I bought it in a grocery store in Canada. If I'm correct and it's the same fruit that I tried, the inside is a mess of green jelly and crunchy seeds. I thought it looked cool but I didn't care for it personally. Though I should say that I also had no idea if it was ripe or not lol. How did you find your horny melon? Lol. Was it good?

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It is green on the inside! And I don't like it either haha

@nomadicsoul this want to look like a fruit called shawashot

I wonder if it's the same!

They wanna look alike

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