Exo Token distribution for bounty and airdrop

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Dear Colleagues! Exolover team and advisors thank you for the great work. With your help, we have successfully passed the ICO stage and look forward to your assistance in the future.

We opened the tables. You can check them. If there are any questions, please ask them in the bounty chat https://t.me/exoloverbounty

During the ICO, we created a new community - the Exolover Club https://exolovers.club/. It is formed by thousands of people who are directly involved in the development of our company, discussing and testing products, etc.

In addition, the Exolover Club will conduct a number of competitions and polls, for which user will be awarded in EXO tokens. If you have the time and desire, you can join these programs and continue filling your account with EXO tokens.
To receive the accrued tokens, each member of the bounty and airdrop must register in the Exolover Club.

Registration link: https://exolovers.club/index.php/registration/

You should fill:

  • Username:
  • Password:
  • Email:
  • ЕTH wallet address:

After the completing registration, a confirmation letter will be sent to your mail. You must click on the link in it to activate the account.

In the ETH wallet address line be sure to enter the right wallet number under which you registered in the bounty or airdrop, otherwise we will not know where to send the tokens.

After confirming the registration, you will receive EXO tokens to the specified wallet within 5-10 days.

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