Exodus Wallet Adds 1-Click Registration for EOS!

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This is Awesome

The Exodus desktop multi-asset wallet has just made the process of registering your EOS tokens infinitely easier.

If you've gone through the headache of registering your EOS ERC-20 tokens using My Ether Wallet then you'll know recognize how awesome this added feature really is.

A few months ago, I decided that it would be a good idea to register my EOS tokens that I was keeping in my Exodus wallet. I figured it would be a wise thing to do, as I can procrastinate with the best of them, I might as well be pro-active and get it done early and not wait until the very last minute.

So, I scoured the internet for tutorials which were few and far between. Not much of a surprise since EOS isn't scheduled for official release until later this year. I did come across this Steemit post - How to Register Your EOS Tokens in the Exodus Bitcoin Wallet by @bitcoinshirtz that demonstrated each step in the process relatively clearly (I later found the instructions in the Exodus support page as well).

Registering your ESO tokens using My Ether Wallet (MEW) is quite the process and being unfamiliar with MEW, to be honest, it was a little nerve racking. Once I completed the dozen or so steps, including obtaining keys from https://github.com, and executed my first smart contract I felt relieved that I had actually succeeded without any major blunders. You always hear horror stories about people accidently broadcasting their private keys out into the internet for all to see and thankfully that didn't happen.

I know a lot of you love MEW, and that's cool! I'm not knocking the wallet, this was just my first time using the wallet and it's definitely meant for the more experienced users among us.

Once the ordeal was over, I double checked with Etherscan to see if there was indeed a transaction record and the registration had taken place.

It was there all right. Yet, somehow, someway in the back of my mind I was still wondering if I had neglected to execute an important step. On top of that, I wasn't sure if I needed to re-register any new EOS tokens I have accumulated since then.

To be honest, I'm still unsure about that, lol.

12 steps in 1

With the release of the latest Exodus wallet update 1.48.0, you needn't bother with the 12 steps and MEW. The fine people at Exodus have made it dummy proof. The process couldn't be simpler.

1. Open Exodus and go to EOS in your wallet.

2. If your EOS tokens have not been registered already, it will be indicated in the top right hand corner of your screen.

3. Next, move the cursor over to the "Help" button in the lower left corner and click on it

4. This will take you to the internal support page, scroll down to the bottom and click on "How do I register my EOS tokens?"

5. Click on "Register my EOS address now!"


You've now successfully registered your EOS address and tokens!

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For non-techie people such as myself, this is way cool!

Now the only question I have is, did I fail the first time registering with the MEW process or have I somehow registered my tokens twice?

At any rate, this is a very welcome feature that will be super useful to all Exodus wallet users.


Image Credit - bitcoinshirtz.com



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Ef yes, thanks for sharing this, this is just what i needed

MEW is deliberately user-unfriendly (it seems.) No apologies needed there.


You may be right about that, the thought has crossed my mind.
I tried to help a friend to claim their EOS last year using a combination of Metamask and MEW...we must have burned over $50usd in GAS trying to figure shit out, frustrating to say the least.

This is great news. Using MEW was pretty overly complicated. Maybe this will make some of the more nervous people hop on board! :)

I did the same as you and blindly followed the steps to register my EOS on MEW, worrying that I might do something wrong and lose them all or even worse, think I had done it right but find out when the token sale is finished that I didn't and be left with worthless tokens.

I am pretty sure I did it right and might have even done it twice to be doubly sure but after reading this I am tempted to transfer them from my MEW to Exodus for peace of mind.

Thanks for the info.

Oh hell yah! I snuck up on that monster a few times and just backed off, promising I would get it done some time before the last minute. I will check this out as a simpler alternative and get it to the other folks I know who are on board.

Thanks for looking out and sharing for the community here. I may resteem this as well.

Exodus is by far the best desktop wallet out there. Easy to use interface, they are constantly adding new coins to the wallet and you can swap coins right in the wallet itself, (although it's not a great rate). This ability is great as I know time was running out to register and this process has made it very easy for the average user.


Yeah, I love the Exodus wallet, it's great. I hadn't updated it in a while so I was stoked to find this new feature! They definitely do a great job simplifying every process which is really handy for beginners and people who are 'crypto-curious' ;)


I wish they would add some sort of 2FA or hardware security features. I'm not comfortable leaving more than $1000 in it.


Yeah, I guess. But it is more secure than online banking for instance. Just back it up using your 12 phrase key word and then you can actually delete the exodus wallet right off your computer. Keep the 12 phrase password somewhere safe, or memorize it, then download the wallet on any computer in the future to access your wallet. I've never had a problem with it. 2FA would be one more added step, but it seems pretty secure as it is


Exodus user was hacked this week. Lost ALL of his tokens.Be careful all.
Gary. https://steemit.com/@dallasrushing. Check him out.

This is hugely helpful, because I personally have been a bit intimidated by MEW.

I have been getting more interested in EOS after hearing that there may be some break-off social media site being created by a former member of steem, which will pay out in these EOS tokens.

I havent seen anything substantial on that, just rumors so far.

very cool for secure my eos!! i resteem you in french community!! @yann85 t'est rassuré?? lol


Yes! J'ai vu ça ce matin avec la nouvelle mise à jour, c'est cool !


C'est un plaisir, merci beaucoup!

Seriously, thank god for this. EOS looks very promising but the registration process was very daunting so I didnt bother getting any EOS. With Exodus making it this easy I think we will see EOS have a ton more demand. Thanks for the heads up!

OMG! Thanks for this.. I need to register my EOS still! LOL

Friggen awesome! I struggled with MEW and then used the MetaMask plugin.

This came sooner than expected. Great work by the Exodus team!

Great addition to the Exodus wallet. What happens after EOS blockchain goes live? ......

Yes please, we non-techies need all the help we can get.

Thank you for this post, As you can see am new here, but this all in one desktop app will make managing my crypto assets very easy indeed, and the best of all, all in one place no need to be running here and there like crazy.


great post,very good article,Easy to use interface,my dear friend @v4vapid,i love this post all time,
thank you for sharing with us,

I never knew exodus wallet have all these amazing new features, a friend told me about sometimes ago, but I felt so reluctant, I think I'll check it out in a giffy

its a very good news and good to know it ...

I don't understand - why do you need to register them?

Thank you so much! I've been needing to register my tokens and procrastinating doing so 'cause I don't want to have to go through that process. This should save me some time.

Its super easy an awesome. I guess the big question is do we still get the airdrops?

i like to post friends, i upvote and resteem yes.

nice post @v4vapid I like your post to much thanks for sharing post.

Your experience is really helpful for others and you created an amazing and simple tutorial regarding the EOS Registration on Exodus so that it will be easy to understand the process. And in my opinion also, MEW is really awesome and effective but it's rigid to use and Exodus is really works with ease and efficiency. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Lol, the opening statement says it all, this is awesome. Gotta love the whole "one click" process in the iot.

Exodus gives us the way to register EOS very easily and as it says !! that is easier for us the fools ... haha ... since you do not have to do the long My Ether Wallet process, which is a hassle.

Thats it? Is there anything else I need to do? Any super important key I need to keep track of? Anything?


Apparently so, I think your exodus wallet address becomes your proof of registration.

Awesome news indeed! With this new feature non techy guy like me can easily register our EOS tokens a lot easier. And, your tutorial makes it even easier. Now I don't need to trouble ourselves searching how to do it properly since you already did it for us. Coupled with your own experience we can avoid making the same mistakes you've made. Thanks again for your effort @v4vapid.

except that one machine allows only one account, exodus is the best one i've seen.

Now I understand your comment ;)

wow! this is great news...am new to the whole eos.io, i tried to register my addy using mew,mehn i was frustrated! with this post i think i'll ask my friends to come on board,cos it got a lot easier and i could explain to to them how easy it is to start . One last thing "The fine people at Exodus have made it dummy proof"....this made me laugh

Exodus desktop multi-asset wallet, I will signup this wallet...It's good for bitcoin..

That is really good to know that your adventure with registration of your EOS token sometimes one think that it is only him having this problem and this is too frustrating.

I believe those people who create the software they may be know easiest way but it is difficult to explain that is why to do it understandable for wide majority there are so many steps. To tell the truth my son who is a teen is very good in that so he is IT specialist who does all things for me and of course, explains me by doing. I think young generation just grown up with computer technology and we can learn from them, if they will be patient with us.

Yeah guys there are some other features in this update including support for more cryptos. Exodus is great. See my blog on the latest wallet for NANO which is also cool .

This is great because I have an exodus wallet very easy to do now thanks.
I upvoted you and resteemed, your awesome.

Excellent stuff my friend, just what the Dr ordered for a technophobe like me :)

Exodus user was Hacked this week. Lost all coins. https://steemit.com/@dallasrushing. Be careful all.

Wow what a nice tutorial. Thanks for posting this. Please don't forget to watch live stream of EOSIO Hong Kong Meetup as on April 6th

Awesome! Just did it.....you saved me a ton of time.

fantastic post! Thanks very much for sharing! I've been sitting on my butt putting off registering my tokens for weeks because of how cumbersome the process seemed to be but I'll be registering mine tonight now =-)