EXMO Coin: How Will the EXO Tokens Work

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We said a lot about the EXO tokens so far, but how exactly do they work? This one is to help you better understand the significance of and the business model behind the EXMO Coin.

Why acquire EXO Tоkens (EXMO Coin)?

First of all, EXMO Coin (EXO) token grants its holder the right to receive a part of the EXMO exchange profit from margin lending. 50% of EXMO’s revenue derived from margin loans will be distributed among all the EXMO Coin token holders as monthly dividends corresponding to the quantity of EXMO Coins owned by them.

Second, based on the numerous forecasts by our analysts, EXO token value will continuously increase. 1 EXO will equal $1 during the crowdsale. A total of 300,250,000 EXO tokens will be released, and this will become the finite number. Thus, the entire value of the currency will be at all times distributed among all the existing EXO tokens. This value is expected to grow based on numerous factors such as:· the growing rates of currencies used for margin loans;

· the growing demand for margin loan service;· the increasing number of traders on the EXMO platform;

· the EXMO overall development (as 95% of funds raised during the Crowdsale will be channeled into the growth of EXMO’s financial indicators);· the increasing demand for EXMO Coin on cryptocurrency exchanges;

· etc.

We developed several possible scenarios for EXMO development in the span of the next 5 years, which all indicate various rates of growth for the EXMO Coin. Do check them out in our Whitepaper.

EXO token will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, and will be traded against other altcoins and fiat currencies. EXO tokens will be unlocked after 14 days past the crowdsale date, and will be traded on the EXMO Exchange. Later on, EXO will be also listed on other cryptocurrency exchanges. The first trading pairs with EXMO Coin will be EXO/BTC, EXO/ETH with more options to be unveiled soon. Also, another perk for the holders is that EXMO guarantees the EXO token buyout.

Thus, in a nutshell, what can you do with an EXO token?

1. Keep it to receive monthly dividends.

2. Trade it on the Exchange.

3. Exchange it for other altcoins and fiat money.

How Will the Tokens be Distributed to Their Holders

EXO token will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain based on the ERC20 standard. All the ERC20 tokens are supported by the majority of cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto-wallets that work with Ethereum.

During the crowdsale, the investments will be received onto the unique addresses in the Ethereum network generated specifically for each single investor. This approach was selected based on the following token sale requirements:

1. Each investor must have unique identification with their transactions in the Ethereum;

2. EXMO must be able to specify an arbitrary Ethereum or EXMO account address for accruing the acquired tokens.

The tokens will be accrued to investors’ accounts with the help of an additional smart contract: a token distributor, immediately after the transaction verification, but will be blocked until the completion of the crowdsale. The process will consist of the following steps:

· EXMO verifies transaction;

· If transaction is deemed valid, an investor may specify the Ethereum address to be used for receiving the corresponding tokens;

· The token distribution smart contract is instructed to transfer a number of tokens to their Ethereum account specified in the previous step.

The dividends will be accrued based on the number of tokens owned by their holders. The token holders will be required to keep their EXO tokens on the EXMO platform during the dividends distribution.

The Token Buyout Guarantee

EXMO guarantees the EXO token buyout under the following conditions:

1. until April 1, 2025: with the discounted market price of 20% below the market rate, but not more than $0.8;

2. after April 1, 2025: with the market price, but not more than $1 for 1 EXO;

The preterm EXO buyout will be possible no earlier than April 1, 2020.

EXMO Coin Legal Side

We acknowledge that investing in tokens is oftentimes risky and complex. In order to offer some reassurance to our token holders, we established the European Asset Management Fund that operates within the legal terms and conditions, and meets the requirements of EU specific directives. This is made with a view to ensure investment safety to EXMO project investors.

The Fund is established as a Swedish Trust Company, a Non-Bank Credit Organization (NBCO) financial institution, which effects payments and estate administration on behalf of a Beneficiary. There are no restrictions on the asset type that can be placed under management of the Trust Fund. The Trust company may attract the third-party funds and invest them in EXMO Coin tokens during the crowdsale with the view of investing in stock instruments, including through participation in margin lending.

Do check out our Whitepaper for more information on the EXO tokens and the investing model that they bring to life, and follow our updates on the EXMO Coin Telegram channel, Twitter and Facebook

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