Existentialist psychotherapy approaches

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I have found myself feeling better, on the verge of experiencing the existence of being here and now, which is embraced by all existential psychotherapy approaches and makes one more aware and responsible. I want to share this experience with you.


Existentialist theories define now and here as being the time to learn to live, feel, and evaluate fully and, if sustainable, increase the life satisfaction of the people, and their contacts with them and others, increasing their actions to meet their needs. What is positive or negative to accept the main, to recognize and to let you know what the past regrets or the future of the future without allowing her to drag on those emotions and feelings, thoughts and trying to stay.

Define your current location and time in words; for example I am currently sitting on the sofa in my house's lounge, and in the evening.
For a few minutes, tell the sentences that you are aware of what you are aware of right now. These can be expressions that begin with the words, here or now, and describe your feelings, thoughts, sensations in your body. The important thing is to build up the present-time sentences.


There are a lot of exercises about staying at this moment, and it can help you to alleviate the hardships of past and future, to increase your resistance to difficulties. Remember that the definition of post-traumatic stress reactions in the literature is a normal response to an abnormal event. The usual human body must react. Do not neglect your emotions or sensations in your body, they keep silent records of traumas and try to reveal themselves with different spiritual or bodily reactions if you do not give the opportunity. And unfortunately, any emotion that is delayed in the moment serves as a sediment that clogs the channels that open to ourselves and to life. Do not postpone your feelings or life in these days when we experience traumatization and many emotions together.

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