Liquid dust

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They say it isn’t certain you know.
What isn’t certain?
From which belief system did they get this info?
I think it was the one that flew out the window.
Well, that’s another side of something then.
I do believe it is.
Are you beginning to let go?
I let go a long time ago.


And yet you’re still trying to catch that long sigh home.
Perhaps I will let go of that as well then.
When death comes, and you go to meet it, don’t say I didn’t tell you that it would come some day.
Some day can never come for it is all only ever today.
Ah, grasshopper, I see you’ve been reading books again.
Yes, I’ve been reading books, and keeping a diary.
A diary you say?
Yep, they do say to write your troubles down, so that you don’t feel so alone.


My dear boy, I have a wonderful idea: maybe we should write a play.
What about?
Well, you know: this and that and whatever you can come up with to feed your soul and let it loose on the world.
I need more details.
I will give you a clue: when you go through the door, do you look behind you to see what you’re leaving, or do you look to the future for another dream?
That’s one of them loaded questions isn’t it?
Yes, you’re right, it is. Ah well, back to the drawing board.


If you’ve nothing more to offer me, then I’d like my belief system back please.
Oh come now, surely you can’t want to go back there again?
It is what I have wanted to go back to ever since the day I was born, kicking and screaming into this place.
Oh, that’s strong, coming from a slug-fish crawled out of the sea not that long ago.
Don’t call me names, I don’t like it.
I’ll call you what I want.
Go ahead then, see what I care.
Oh, I can make you care, believe me; I’ve got the fires of hell on the one hand; and if that don’t work I’ve got the drug abuse program to make you see the light on the other hand.


So you’ve got two hands then?
I certainly do.
And which one scratches your ass, and which one do you shake hands with?
Depends how I’m balanced.
Let’s say you were eating the dog’s dinner and the master came through the door and caught you, what would happen then?
I think I would just have to get up and leave.
Because when the master appears so does the dog, and it’s a very big dog with huge teeth, and it’s got a thing for me that I don’t like.
Well that explains it then, you’ve got a complex.
You’re right, I do; am I cured now?
Not yet, there’s a way still to go


Hmm; who did you say you were anyway?
The night wind, that blows after the lights have been turned out.
What else you got hidden up your sleeve?
I’ve got more than the eye can see.
Do you have liquid dust?
Right up to my neck.
I’ll take all you’ve got.


The split essence of this came as a mighty pawn in the game, and gave up after yawning too hard and changed into an old sad song on the radio that was dancing in the dark.
What time is the clock of it; said it.
It is the time that is pre-naturally indisposed to supposition mostly, of the constant give or shake of the tail to move this way and that…
Oh, for heaven’s sake, it’s not midnight yet.
Thank god for that then.


Have you noticed that there are a lot of people dying all of a sudden?
There are always a lot of people dying suddenly.
So what time is the clock of it to you?
The time is barely anywhere, like liquid dust: it flows, and it doesn’t flow.
I’m sure I had a brain before I met you, and quite possibly I would have known about these things, but now I can hardly tell.
Let’s rule that out for the moment and move on to the next question: how many bears does a leg have before it isn’t there anymore?
Can I count all the suffering?
Only what’s relevant.
Well then, here goes:
‘This is the frozen Frankenstein committee, and there is nothing left for us to do anymore; this of course has nothing to do with Zazen, and so I say to you: you will never get any sense out of me, no matter what you do.’
The split essence of this came out sideways growling for a drink, but there was none to be had so it sang a song: bears without a leg, over and over again…


The bar stayed open all night long and grew turkeys for Christmas and served snake juice until the sun came up, which is when I jumped in the river and was taken far away.
I was not worried for I had my suitcase in my hand, and a head full of music that would keep me awake for a very long time.


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