A more intense run

in #exhaust2 years ago

I just finished a 5.405km running that lasted about 0hh:57mm:3ss !


This time I put an extra effort, going upstairs and forcing my body a bit more. It was exciting, letting the air burn into my throat like mint. I have to look for longer stairs in my neighbourhood to increase the effort and find my limits.

Fortunately this time the Strava sync function works, so I don´t have to download the GPX file and upload again. However, the heart rate chart doesn´t appear. Considering that I am using a third pary program for using my Xiaomi Mi Band 3, which is not officially supported, I consider that an acceptable problem. For now the only way I can publish those data is through a screen capture at StraMi app.

I also took some pictures during my run. The light conditions were not good but I think i have obtained a decent result with my smartphone using the HDR mode

Clear (clear sky: 13.8℃ / 44.0% / 1028.0hPa)



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