Monday Easy 6Km Run

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I just finished a 6.187km running that lasted about 0hh:46mm:14.0ss !


Hi guys, today's weather was hot and humid at 29 degree celsius in my hometown. I ran 6km at easy pace at the park near my place and called it a day. As usual 1 cup of long black coffee and a piece of dark chocolate 30 minutes before my training.
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You have uploaded 253 running activities, and 34 of them have been of similar distances (within 10 percent)!
Here are your 5-fastest running activities of a similar distance:

Over these 34 similar activities, you have travelled approximately 208.67 kms at an average pace of roughly 7:25 min/km!
Your latest run was at a pace of approximately 7.473min/km!
Looks like you went a bit slower this time! Remember that it's important to take some rest days, and do some rehab / prehab / strength and conditioning training too! If you weren't intending to go slower, take a moment to listen to your body, and see if you need something. Check in with yourself!

the humidity certainly makes a difference. Is this a fast pace for you? I get frustrated because I am struggling to get below 6 mins on a km. I thought it would be easy but it certainly is not!

Hi there, this is my easy pace buddy. My normal pace is 6.30km/min, and yes weather and temperature certainly play a vital role in our performance though.

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