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Hey Everyone!

Check out our new digs! We've got red all over the place, and enough working buttons to officially qualify as almost-useful!

The functionality of the website is generally the same as before, but with fewer broken links. A couple things that have changed:

  • You can now interact w/ Exhaust via SteemKeychain if you have the browser plugin installed! I'd recommend it, as it's nice an easy to use!;
  • SteemConnect still works if that's your preference;
  • Mobile scaling seems to be working nicer now -- so no more hidden buttons!;
  • The dashboard and leaderboard pages are still in progress, and I hope to have them live later this week;
  • The log-activity button has moved -- click your avatar when you log in, and you should see it in the popup menu!;

  • There's a new markdown editor similar to other front ends;
    • This should mostly work, but I haven't tested everything. I'm writing this post from it, so we'll see how that goes;
  • You can now edit your activity before uploading, in case there were a couple mistakes;
  • There's a new API backend that we'll be leveraging for mobile-apps and connecting to 3rd party sites like Strava in the near future!;
  • Probably some other stuff too!

Please let me know if you find anything funky going on with the new site. I'm hoping that all the links are working and there aren't any fragments of the old-site floating around, but you never know.

Cheers, and happy exercising!



Nice stuff! Big fan of the new look. Keep up the good work :)

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