Best exercises for children

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If you remember the days of turbulence in the dust with childhood, rampage, and play mates, then maybe there is a twist in the chest. Where did we get so much energy in the daytime race? What else did we do that would give us so much strength? Among the many sports and physical exercises of childhood, all those exercises that helped our body grow and become well-organized. Help these children in children and you also join them in their childhood.


Jump rope:

In short, there is no rope jumper for the body to increase excess fat and increase the stamina. It is an exercise that can be practiced everywhere and at home. There are cheap skipping ropes available at the shopping mall shop. Buy some and keep them home. Play children with children, play with yourself. This exercise will increase the capacities of heart and lungs. As well as body speed, balance and coordination will be practiced. It is possible to burn about 500 calories in a half-hour rope.


Monkey Hanging:

To increase the strength of the body will be a little primitive and wild! Many schools have hanging monkey bars or monkeys on the field. Children just like it. Hang in front of a little to the front or hang up together. It is very effective to organize the upper part of the body with two hands, shoulders and backs. In the courtyard of the house even in the courtyard of the house, you can make the monkey hanging in a small area.



A bicycling exercise that works almost entirely on the body like swimming. Cycling can be used to ghee. Bicycling is good for the heart with respiratory and respiratory stimuli, and it is helpful to organize muscles and to keep the body strong. Give children a chance to ride a bike. It is also very effective for the physical growth of the baby.



Running a childhood, adolescence, youth, youth is a great exercise for all time. Children can run on the pleasure of the mind, but it becomes difficult to run for the elderly. Very good if you get a chance to play in the open field. Try to take the children to the field. Otherwise, you can create a habit of running in the park or in the morning.


Hull hoop:

Hulk hoop or a fantastic game to rotate the waist. At one time, the game of rotating around this waist was particularly popular among teenagers. Once they can dominate this vortex, the children will want to become obsessed with it. It is possible to burn 100 calories every 10 minutes to rotate this disc.


to swim:

Swimming is so good for children and a necessary exercise that, if possible, it would have been better if swimming could be possible in all schools. It is very beneficial to build the body of children. Whole body exercise is swimming. Swimming, muscle strength, strengthening of lungs and heart and swimming in the body are very beneficial.