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Regular exercise is very important in life. The main aim of the exercise is to burn calories. Exercise also helps in improving overall physical health. Regular exercise reduces the chance of disease like- heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, depression etc.

If you have not done any exercise before and your body is out of shape, a simple walk can give you many beneficial results.

Here are a few things you should remember for safe exercise and to gain benefits

1) Warm up

Warm up is very important before exercise. Before exercise, give at least 5-10 minutes to warm up your body. The main purpose of a warm-up is to prepare your body so that you can do more vigorous exercise. Warm up increases blood flow in the body, it also increases metabolism and muscles temperature.

The warm-up can include stretching, gentle movement of joints and muscles similar to the exercise you are about to do.

You can brisk walk if your exercise plan is jogging.

2) Pace

Exercise should be done according to an appropriate intensity of your fitness. At the beginning of every exercise, start slowly and then increase your pace gradually to your comfort level. If you are doing exercise more than your fitness level then the risk of sore muscles and joints is very high. In weightlifting exercises, you can start with lower weights and later you can increase weights as per your body requirements.

If you have started exercise a few days ago, then you can contact your physician for a stress test. The stress test will be helpful to analyze your cardiovascular system and its handling for hard work. This will help you decide exercises which are safe for you.

3) Hydrate

Before, during and after exercise, keep yourself hydrated. The human body loses about one and a half liters of fluid in one hour of exercise.

You can drink 2 cups of fluid before 1 hour of exercise. This will help you keep hydrated in starting of exercise. Later, you should drink more fluids during exercise at an interval of 15 minutes. Also, drink again at the end of exercise to replace lost fluids.

4) Make your exercise interesting

Choose a variety of exercises to prevent boredom during exercise. Do not use the same machine regularly at the gym, change the types of equipment for exercise. If you are using a treadmill, you can try different speeds, different incline positions. Also, you can try the elliptical trainer.

Rather then just exercise, you can play team sports, join for yoga classes. Also, You can practice martial arts, take swimming sessions.

Different exercises will prevent you from boredom.

5) Cool down

A cool down is same important as warm up. Cooldown process should be done at least 5-10 minutes after exercise. In cooldown process, you can simply take a slow walk, do stretchings, also you can do slow-moving exercises. Cooldown is very important for helping your heart rate and breathing in returning to there earlier state. Colling down also decreases the chance of muscles soreness and stiffness.

6) Listen to your body

This is the most important thing for exercise. You should always avoid exercise when you are sick or fatigued. If you are feeling discomfort or pain during exercise, such as - chest pain, breathing problem, nausea. In these cases, you should stop the exercise and should seek medical help.

If you are having pain in joints or muscles, then don't try to push exercise through pain. By doing this you may damage your tissue and delay healing.



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thanks a lot for this interesting and creative post it's really going to help me in my fitness training adventure


Thank you :)