Flow Fit 4 - First 4 moves (Twist)

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This animation brings in movement 4, the twist, be gentle do everything slowly and with care for your amazing body until you are comfortable with the motions.

I notice in myself that my opinions, which are largely my concern for what other people are doing, create a lot of mental noise that interrupts my focus and the quality of what I could be doing.

Lower quality actions from myself only increase my concern about what other people are doing and also how they may be judging or valuing me.

This kind of stress over the years takes a tremendous toll on my health, saps my energy and effects the way I move.

I use movement training like this to release stress, focus on quality action and build more healthy, functional patterns of response (action potential pathways).

Flow Fit 4 is the most advanced level, injured or elderly would be better searching for Flow Fit 1 from Scott Sonnon, I believe he sells the whole series on-line and it is not hugely expensive. (I do not make anything from the link, just giving credit where it is due).

You can learn a lot from Youtube for free also. Most important is to just move with the highest quality you can manage.

I try to remember to view emotion as an action that will determine how much I enjoy my life

Have a good one!


Many People take a money and then teach these steps of exercises. I really thanks full to you.

If we want to access to the Earths resources, we must sell something, most of us sell our time. I am happy to share this, but it is really other peoples work that I am taking. Keep moving brother, body awareness is a door to great freedom.

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