Discovering our own methods

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I had decided to write this post actually in relation to exercise and workout routines and such. You know, there are so many different types that can be found, but also lots of which are the same from each source. And of course they can work for keeping healthy and fit etc, but it’s just as easy (and fun) to discover workouts, stretches, movements that also can (and possibly work more effectively) than those that are commonly known of.

I’ve been seeing what works for me at the time. Stretching out my arms or legs etc, or building muscle, or getting fit, whatever it is, because there are NO ‘set’ ways of doing this, all it simply is, is a matter of seeing what works for me. I know a part of me is being worked out or working effectively through my own discovery and such. Because in the past, I have strictly followed for example, certain exercises and such because I believed they were the only ones I could use that would work - not so. There are too many that can be discovered! So, I suggest to experiment with what works for YOU. And as I said, it’s fun to discover and learn for yourself! As opposed to following guidelines so strictly. Our bodies know best, not necessarily then a strict set of routines etc to follow that works for everyone, definitely not.

And of course, branching out of exercise, working out, keeping fit, is anything and everything, eating as well, not to be directed by a fear of consuming something because it has a certain ingredient. Why not see if it works for us? Test it. If there are no ill effects on the day or day after, then why avoid it? It’s easy to believe anything and everything and blindly follow something INSTEAD of testing it for us, you, me. And so the source is no longer fact just because it is commonly known of or written by ‘experts’ - ourselves are fact.


Your creative thinking is good! nice advice other.

Thank you for your feedback victorzayyar :)