2018–08–21 ExCraft Daily Token Burn Announcement

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We here at ExCraft bring this daily update along with a “Thank You”. It is only with the community’s continuous support that we can ensure the growth and success of the ExCraft Exchange. The ExCraft Team will make every effort to provide our users with regular updates and insight into the exchange’s infrastructure. As a reminder, no less than 80% of the daily transaction fees on ExCraft are utilized to buy-back EXT, the native token on ExCraft. On August 15th2018, ExCraft opened the trading function for and the purchase of EXT tokens.

From 00:00 August 20th 2018 to 24:00 August 20th 2018 HK time, the total transaction amount on ExCraft were 311.289 BTC (equivalent value at current exchange market price), the number of transaction fees collected on ExCraft were 0.622578 BTC , of which 0.498063 BTC had been used to repurchase 365427 EXT between 00:00 August 21st 2018 and 24:00 August 21st 2018. All EXT procured by this platform function have been sent to a black hole address as part of the exchange’s token destruction process.

Destroyed Smart Contract: 0x19c630bb6d3e7c2cfe77e2a73627c9bee2db8ac5.
Once again, thank you very much for your kind support. Customer feedback is appreciated.

ExCraft Team
August 22nd2018

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