Great to see you making a huge progress! I wish I could give $1 bil to charity. Unfortunately, I can’t afford it lol.

Tradebits is really a great platform. And my good friend @abajnath is also a pure hearted man. Thanks to my friend @abajnath for gives us a big oportunity.

Great update sir @abajnath. I wish Tradebits will be a successful project. Keep up your great work, success is always with you.

yeah, friend i am fully agree with your opinion.. my dear friend @abajnath is the most honourable man and CFO of tradebits. So hope very soon Trade bits will be a strong platform.

Yes my friend sir @abajnath is the most honourable man and CFO of Tradebits. We all have a great expectation about the success of Tradebits platform.

I might have to check Brock Pierce and his predictions as well as his portfolio, if he is willing to share it with us. This guy is definitely not a crypto rookie.

wow,my dear friend.. @abajnath welcome to steemit again and sharing very important tropic tradebits. i am of course registered to alot of icos.Tradebit always arrange great conference and give investor excellent opportunity ... Thanks my good friend @abajnath for sharing such kind of great update..I am so excited .. you are really very great person in this platform..

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I love your tradebits. Sir @abajnath you are a great man.

tradebits is an excellent platform. Success is always with you. my dear friend@abajnath. Keep up your great of luck of your great work.

Great job boss.
The world is getting education about the crypto and it's great to see our country's men in the front.

its really best offer, i can not miss doing.. i am really happy to listen your great event matter.i think that this tradebits best offer every steemians.i am trying to joining this tradebits.. hopefully its event very soon being successfull.. my dear friend @abajnath

I believe Tradebits Exchange will be more popular day by day and Xbits will be one of the biggest ico of 2018. Best of luck sir @abajnath.

i know you are a very talented person in this platform and successfull and your friend thought very big because you and your friend waseem working to doing CEO and other is CFO of Trade bits. i wish always your great success..

Very pleasant you come with the latest news.

Pleased to here the great update of Tradebits. I love this great platform.

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