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Each exchange is different, but the main difference is which coins they list.

My experience and recommendation is joining new, smaller exchanges early and buying large quantities of their, newly listed, cheap coins and HOLDING. Thus far this strategy has proven to be very profitable. Simply get your money and holdings in before the big money comes and volume of trading goes up.

Coinbase https://goo.gl/mZdHOh
-USA Based & complaint
-Only lists 4 coins (BTC, BCH, ETC, LTC and soon ETC)
-$10 BONUS when you join
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Binance https://goo.gl/DR87rs
-2nd largest exchange in Asia
-Great promotions, incentives, bonus and referral program
-Has all major cryptocurrencies listed
-Buy BNB for passive income
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Coinexchange https://goo.gl/UBLmqf
-Not my favorite, but good for some micro coins that are only on this exchange. Like always, just DYOR and be careful. $20-$200 can go a looong way here, however, like always, just DYOR and be careful.
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Cryptopia https://goo.gl/TChV2C
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Kucoin https://goo.gl/s79Xhb
-Very similar to Binance
-BUY KCS and HOLD to profit share
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Yobit https://goo.gl/YMiARp
-Most popular micro site with largest selection of cryptocurrencies. IF, your coin is being delisted from Bittrex or Cryptopia, there's a good chance YOBIT is where you will transfer it to
-BUY $YOVI on Cryptopia
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Altcoin io https://goo.gl/VmMeyW
-Plasma DEX with Atomic Swaps
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Bitto https://goo.gl/tk8N7e
-NEW ALL-IN-ONE Exchange
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Bibox https://goo.gl/X6QY8T
-BUY $BIX and earn dividends
-Very similar to Binance & Kucoin
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Join them ALL, it's FREE to register.

IF, you own any PROOF OF STAKE coins (POS) OR Masternodes, be sure to join a STAKING POOL and earn more; https://goo.gl/sc82Xc
Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 2.28.41 PM.png https://goo.gl/sc82Xc


i have never tried that i actually go for the opposite i prefer stable coins with good volume to trade in

don't go for coinbase it's a bit laggy and have high fee too