Trade mining with Hibtc exchange get more while you trade. You should FOMO!

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"For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son, that who so ever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life." this is one of the greatest FOMO in human history from the Bible, You don't just want to miss out of the great future event. I guess that simply explain what FOMO means. Well for those who still do not understand. To FOMO simply means fear of missing out.

In the crypto space, it is best to always grab them early, Yeah! you are right when most people don't know about it yet but then it has great potentials all you have to do is some research to figure out if you need to fomo and buy or not fomo at all.

Is Fomo a good thing?, Yes Fomo is a great feeling but before you conclude on your decision make sure you do your research :).

Most of those who "fomoed" when bitcoins came out newly are today millionaires, yeah! Bitcoins might seem like an old history people have used that line a lot to try to convince you into buying some shitt coins, well if you fell for it, that will because you did not do your proper research. Bitcoins is just one of the many cryptos that have made people millionaires in the crypto space.

The crypto space tags along with new opportunity every day and people who can identify this opportunity make cool cash off it, in this article I want to introduce trade mining and why you should trade on this new exchange Hibtc instead of other exchanges.

Well, I cannot say precisely what the future is going to be like but I can analyze and forecast the future of those who trade and hold some of Hibtc Exchange Tokens.

What is trade mining?

It is the new cool thing in the crypto space and just like I said earlier it is always best to grab them young in the crypto space. Trade mining is a new initiative introduced by FCoinOffical, it is the new way crypto exchangers share their profit with their token holders and community/users.

Users of exchangers using the trade mining business model get their share based on the amount of the exchange tokens they hold on the exchange wallet or trade volume. This share is coming from the profit these type of exchangers made on trade fees and some other activities on the exchange. So far it has been a working business model, it worked perfectly for coinex and some other exchanges like Hibtc have adopted this business model.

In the case of Coinex Token, the exchange which issued its own exchange token in February 2018 with token price between 1 cent or less, experienced a huge jump in the price of its exchange token from 1 cent trading upto 5 cent after they announced their plans to implement trade-driven mining along with dividend distribution to all token holders on June 20, 2018. Investors rushed the tokens in FOMO which increased the trade volume on the exchange, 80% of the exchange trading fees were then used to buy back the exchange tokens which caused a huge increase in the buy order and increased the value of the tokens from 5cents upto 15 cents. Exchange happy, Investors/Token holders got good returns because they FOMO and took action. The major advantage of trade-driven mining is that it attracts traders and market makers to the exchange.



Hibtc exchange is a safe and secure exchange, It has partnered with some security companies, using multi-layer firewalls, multi-signature, and cold hot money bag isolation programs to maximize the security of user assets on the exchange.

The exchange will be utilizing the trade mining business model, where it will distribute up to %50 of HIBT Token to it users based on its transaction + token holding mining model, as at yesterday [06-step 2018], 91,755.75 USDT was distributed to users of the exchange based on its trading as mining & dividend distribution.


As part of Hibtc agenda to be fair and transparent, it will adopt the proof of mining hours + proof of equity mechanism, Users will benefit from the dividend bonus program that is they get rewarded not only when they make any transaction on the platform but also for holding the Hibt Token. [mining generated HIBT + basic dividends + dividend bonus]This model is expected to help increase the token value as it attracts more users to the exchange, it is a working model.


Why you should trade on Hibtc?

When you trade on Hibtc you can earn all your trade fees back and even earn more for holding its tokens and transacting on the platform.











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