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HiBTC is new change will supply to you about safe, secure, green and convenient virtual asset buying and selling platform for all participants. each player can well gain the investment goals with out worrying about private privateness safe practices or the safety of virtual assets. HiBTC is committed to making a totally transparent, reasonable and shared investment environment.

HiBTC may also introduce a “Dividend Bonus Program”. Users can voluntarily enroll inside the software with aspect or all the HIBT it holds, that may get pleasure from other proportions of dividend bonus besides the fundamental dividends. whilst a consumer makes any transaction on the platform, besides obtaining the aim assets, it will probably also receive [mining generated HIBT + fundamental dividends + dividend bonus]. All mining information and dividend information above can be published in real time and clear and accessible.

Token Information HiBTC

HiBTC Token (HIBT) is the in simple terms token issued by the HiBTC platform, no longer in simple terms as a virtual asset, but additionally mewakili semua kepentingan dan hak pada platform HITBTC. guarantees to usually allocate the platform sales to all HIBT holders; on the similar time, the “transaction + token holding” mining style (“proof of mining hours + evidence of equity” mechanism) is adopted, and 50% of the HIBT issued is rewarded to customers via transaction processing payment mining.


Trading as Mining

50% of HIBTC Token (HIBT) is rewarded to customers via buying and selling process. Users gets an volume of HIBT whilst they're buying and selling on HIBTC Exchange. Every time whilst a consumer paid buying and selling commission, HIBTC will present an volume of HIBT. Three important points decided what number of HIBT can a consumer get. One is the buying and selling commission paid, one other is the latest rate of HIBT, the final one is the speed of payment return.

For an example, whilst John purchase 1,000 Bitcoin(BTC) on HIBTC, HIBTC will cost a 0.1% fee, which on this case might be 1 Bitcoin. When HIBTC acquired the commission payment which could occurred all of a sudden after John end the trade, HIBTC will present John with 1 Bitcoin value of HIBT, if the speed of payment return (a%) is 100%. This present might be launch each one hour.

Users can growth their miner grades by increasing the HIBT preserving balance, the better grade miners gets a better rate of payment return (a%) and the better restrict of mining per hour. To hold a long run and secure pattern of the platform, HIBTC will restrict the hourly mining volume for every account. HiBTC shall be committed to the distinctive creative style of HIBT and attempt to convey extra top rate buying and selling ride and extra bountiful earning for the investors.

Token Allocation

  • Total supply: 10 billion
  • 50%, Trade-fee mining reward
  • 18%, Holder shared fund
  • 25%, Founding staff and strategic partners
  • 5%, Cornerstone investors
  • 2%, Market promotion

Revenue Sharing

HiBTC will arrange a prize pool rising in measurement alongside with the exchanges rising incomes. HiBTC shall position the 100 pc of each day dividend of the account “Holder Shared Fund” into the bonus pool, each day earlier than human being causes the price. Once the pool is triggered, the HIBTs buying and selling contributors of the day might be distributed all prize inside the pool.

HiBTC guarantees to usually allocate the platform sales to all HIBT holders and the rest aspect might be used for platform operation. Without the establishment of a board of directors or shareholder meeting, the proper to make decisions on important issues, sales rights, management rights, etc. shall be totally again to HIBT holders. HiBTC will picture the HIBT preserving standing of all customers and calculate the dividend distribution scheme according to the platform sales inside that hour and the ratio of HIBT held by each user. Each day accumulated dividends might be launched the subsequent day. HiBTC will publicize all information comparable to consumer interests on a real-time or typical basis, adding but no longer restricted to platform transaction data, sales data, mining data, and voting data, which shall be queryable, traceable and verifiable. We are fairly practicing transparency, equity and honesty.

REGISTER NOW: https://goo.gl/XQEVCb


More information visit link below

Website: http://www.hibtc.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HiBTCExchange
Telegram: https://t.me/www_HiBTC_com1 & https://t.me/www_HiBTC_com2
Whitepaper: https://www.hibtc.com/om/about/en-us/whitepaper.pdf

Username: taufik123
Profilelink: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=831523



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